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I like to draw stuff. I like pokemon, Manga and a bunch of other jazz like Kpop, jpop, and other shet. My DA is
Shizu looks pissed.
You make gorgeous dragons.
Okay can we talk about how he only gave him one cigarette but his whole pack is full. Because that's funny as shit right there.
Is no one going to talk about geodude having a family. Because shit. That's some sad stuff right there.
Chris is officially my favorite.
lol wow. He does look so much younger without his Jumper. Attys so cute without it, with it he's still cute but an ass...well he's an ass either way...
*stops talking because is shot lols*
Ahhh noes his jumper's gone... And is that kahn? Khan... Miles! Is it him? Did he see what happened? Lol Atty's gonna be pissed.
March 18th, 2012
so I wonder how his pikachu is gonna win this? Especially without commands... shit is gonna hit the fan with this cannibal lady...
He's totally gonna be all "Fawk yeah"... and then fail or something and then try again and learn something in the process....
February 25th, 2012
HE LEARNED!!! <333333 THANK THE GODS!!! I bet Kaito is popping a woody by nao!
February 16th, 2012
she's thinking something devious I just know it...
February 14th, 2012
Okay Either it's the seventh panel or something else but you missed Markus's stitches... Great though.... he looks so heart broken and shocked.
Oh this means that, That ben is just a dopple ganger made by Marcus's mind and inner most thoughts of his son. How odd. I still think that if the real ben ever met him he'd beat him up or something...
Just noticed in the 4th panel Ben looks scary as fawk. ;__;
Lol I am luffing this. <3333
He's so cute him and his little ears. Makes me wanna pet him.
Gahhh what a great name to name a store I should get a store and name it that
>:O OMG that's not Ben?? It would seem appropriate I mean it seemed like ben didn't like his dad. :> I'm so happy you uploaded.
I think you might be able to use a controller in the wilderness, I mean if it has a cord, you could whack the crap out of someone with it. O.O Lol just telling it like it is... but with magic I think Luke might be S.O.L... maybe.
@artchic8: actually in that one movie with the latios and latias... doesn't latios die?