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Going to college.working part time,drawing comix.
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@Ranodon: Oh, it's nothing special, just a master key to the padlocks of their toys, like locked collars or other gear that locks. It's always good to have a key around. XD
@Guest: Thanks! :D
@RPGirl: thanks! Yeah, the sub POV is definitely important. Cause often times subs will just loose the ability to communicate with words during a scene. XD
@DarkLemon: I did the same thing with yours. XD
No dialogue. Saved me like 3 layers. XD

I like the first cell of spade, and of Dune spilling his tea. XD
big panel image cell thing.

Also. It was harder to draw, but just in a realistic sense, the only part of the flogger that hits the subject is the tips. Try to avoid hitting with the middle, because then the flogger does this evil wrap-around thing and the tips strike sensitive places like your belly. :<
Still getting used to the new drawing program thing.
I bought sketchbook pro 7.
i totally didn't reference the other page,haha Spade is suddenly topless. XD
I think some things are misspelled. I apologize. I've been drinking.

Anyways, got my hands on an art software program. Paid for it with Christmas monies.
@MyLittleDemon: I know some people who bite down on something or hold onto something to distract them from the pain. Also, I meant more along the lines of when you hold your hands above the height of your shoulders for a while, they just tend to get coldish and stuff naturally. I know that numbness should be avoided :P
@samantha: yup me too. XD

TheG: yeah. soo hard to draw, also all the hands i had to draw on this page. @.@

@Quadrant: Hmm yeah that would be true if his hands were bound to something, but since his hands are free, he able to alleviate any numbness from keeping your hands up high for so long. also i think during a painful situation, you could just clutch it tighter. Tho I haven't had to hold anything during a scene before. :P
@Tatsuchan18: Update tomorrow. There's a bunch of hard to draw stuff. stupid mouth thing. It's awesome , but hard to draw. XD
@fey: gotcha. I will endevor to do so. Let me just become less popular in my social life first. >> **turns off phone so her friends will stop bugging her to hangout** lol

@Haruhichan: Thanks, good to know. :3

@BananaMuffinPop: ooooh you guessed it, you win a prize! not sure what the prize it yet tho. I'll let you know when i know.

@TheG: thanks, yup i thought most people whould choose those. I just gotta update more. >>
All of that
Is completely true. That's what online dating is like. XD 99.9% crap, .1% diamonds!
I tried some color stuff (this page was done today, i was waiting for my new wacom pen nibs to come in the mail cause my tablet had no extra nibs ((like it was supposed to! >>)) )

~~~So I did the color different in each box..sorta..~~~


A: I like box #1 it's cool
B: I like box #2 it's all woosh!
C: I like box #3 it's all blendy
D: I like box #4 i guess?
E: OMG yes do box #5!
G: Whatever you want to do is fine.
Z: ((your opinion))
@Quadrant: that's why Spade started to goad him into it, to replace his nervousness with a reason to prove himself. you can get a teenager pretty upset if you call them a child. XD
Oh Spade...
Master of insults and manipulation lol.
Anyways, Dat Ass. was hard to draw. ><
that is sooo true. Soo many messages and most of them are crap. :< tho he'll prolly get one or two from awesome people. Also, i totally did that as a kid with large shirts, tucked my knees into them. XD
@TheG: yup, im excited too. :3 I even did some reconnaissance for the scene.

@Quadrent: Yup, as for the metal thing, you'll find out in a page or two.

@Minami: right? me too. :3