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I'm Darkrider. Also known as "Rider" by my friends.
I'm not much of an artist, nor a spriter. I do plan on making some sprites of my fan character though.

Darkrider was my first OC and starred briefly in "Hidden Trials." He is also in two Mega Man RP sites.

I have a passion for Video games, Comics, and Trains.
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Hey, welcome back, man!
Megaman used F. Punch!
Bass isn't giving you respect because of you appearance. He's not respecting you because he doesn't give a damn at this point.
Hey Talon!
"Long time, no see!"
XD Talk about a burn
Hmm, a Hologram?
Hey Talon! Nice to have you back!

And I see what you did with the title. XD that Roll from the Ruby Spears cartoon?
Hey Sagat,

Image link is broken for me too.
Explosive distraction is best distraction. Let's just hope X didn't just bite of more than he could chew.
...You couldn't resist, could you Core?
Heh. Yeah, I loved that comic. Though their "No update" update doesn't seem to work.

Also, Sonic being haunted by the memory of the intro level of Sonic Adventure 2? XDD
Oh boy. They just can't seem to get a break these days.
Yup, that guy ain't coming back from the scrap yard anytime soon.
"Mach Ball Special?" O-o
January 23rd, 2016
I guess it's
"Crunch" time? XDD
THis could be really really good
or really really bad.