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Im a Legend of Zelda fan, I like to read, im christian, and im really good with people. The comic I like the most is a Zelda comic called Little Link. I say, go check it out!!!
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@AuraX: Jaden:"(Glares at ChangelingX, then continues trying to break free.)"
... Ganondorf, as quote from Warriors: Crookedstars Promise:"Are you blind or stupid or both?"... Also, I love Requiem of Spirit. Its tune gives me a sense of freedom...:D
@AuraX: Jaden:"... Is... Something... Wrong... You... Ask... YOUR TRYING TO GIVE ME ANAESTHETICS TO DO WHO KNOWS WHAT!!!(Is struggling even more to get free.)"
@.:AuraX:.: Jaden:"(Growls at ChangelingX.)"
@.:AuraX:.: Jaden:"(Growls even louder as ChangelingX moves towards him with needle in hand.)"
@.:AuraX:.: Changeling:"(Puts needle down and hands ChangelingX the one on the cloth.)"
@.:AuraX:.: Changeling:"(Hands ChangelingX a needle full of clear liquid.)"
@.:AuraX:.: Jaden:"(Growl gets slightly louder.)"
@.:AuraX:.: Jaden:"(Is still growling faintly.)"
@.:AuraX:.: Jaden:"(Growls faintly.)"
@.:AuraX:.: Link:"... I ment the creature..." Jaden:"(Is breathing heavily.)"
@.:AuraX:.: Link:"...(Shakes head.) I dont like the sound of it..."
@.:AuraX:.: Link:"(Shudders.)... I dont even want to know what it is... Or what theyre doing to it..."
@.:AuraX:.: ... I changed it... Link:"... Yes... Angry..."
@.:AuraX:.: Link:"... I dont like it... Its sounds angry..."
@.:AuraX:.: Link:"... What caused it...?"
@.:AuraX:.: Jaden:"(Roars in anger so loudly, everyone in the base can hear it.)" (Meanwhile.) Link:"(Freezes when he heard the roar.) What in Nayru was that!?"
@.:AuraX:.: Jaden:"(Is breathing heavily.)"
@.:AuraX:.: Jaden:"WHAT!?(Gets shock, obviously in extreme pain.)AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
@.:AuraX:.: Link:"..." (Meanwhile.) Jaden:"(Is still struggling.)"