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Dark BlazerX
Afraid of dying? Wishful thinking...

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I'm a dirty, dirty liar. ]:
I said I'd update, but would you look at that, it's almost been a year! I actually gave up on making sprite comics in order to draw, and then I got into Flash animating, and flash actionscript coding to make games, and I started composing music a lot (metal/post-hardcore). Now I'm full circle, HOWEVER, this time I plan to ACTUALLY UPDATE from time to time. Recently it'll probably be very regularly. Not only that, but every once in a while I plan to draw the comics, in full color. That's right! Hopefully that'll make up for nearly a year of missed updates, I'm sorry =[.

Also, I have over 15 pages of script done for this series, and it'll be a lot better written than this cliche excuse for a comic page. Hope you enjoy! :]

P.S. Check out my comedic comic that I'm restarting.
I. Am. Speechless. Osht I said something. Well since I'm not speechless, THIS PAGE IS AWESOME.
So much to say and so little time to say it. Well here we go. I plan on deleting my old pages soon. (Don't have the time right now) and redo them. Pages will be read in traditional manga style. Though this page is far from perfect and I'll be first to admit I rushed a lot. My effort and skill have improved over my last junk atleast (Needless to say I'm actually TONING now), and I think I'm finally ready to do at least a remote amount of justice to my story with my art. Now I will begin to work A LOT harder on my art, my proportion, poses, sense of depth, ect. Hoping to progress over time and make this manga be as good as my story eventually. (Not that I'm trying to be conceited about my story, I just personally think it's great.) I'll get to the real work tomorrow.
Haven't you ever paid attention to the Chop Suey lyrics Jer?

Here you go create another fable
(The bible, being a story, not the truth.)

I don't think you trust,
In, my, self righteous suicide,
(Jesus Crusifiction)

Father/ Into your hands/I/commend my spirit,
Father, into your hands,
(That ones pretty obvious)

Why have you forsaken me,
In your eyes forsaken me,
In your thoughts forsaken me,
In your heart forsaken, me oh,
(That ones pretty obvious)

I, cry, when angels deserve to die
(Could have many meanings. Alot of people agree that the song makes fun of Christianity, it's not 100% certain though.)

Though ofcourse, it could also be like Avenged Sevenfold, just writing a song about Christianity, instead of against it, I doubt it though.
Chop Suey makes fun of Jesus's crusifixion. *Cough* Not that I care. Good song though.
Dark BlazerX
November 11th, 2008
Ray: Does the name "Tails" ring a bell?
Dark BlazerX
November 2nd, 2008
Dark BlazerX
October 29th, 2008
And stuff...
O rly? OMG LIEK FIRST COMMENT!!!11!!111oneone
What? Regular updating?
Updating? What? When did I ever say that?
Dark BlazerX
October 4th, 2008
What happend to the <3 guys?
Where do all these Dr. Robotniks find wives to make all these children?
Thanks. Might want to post one post instead of four next time. (j/k I know it was problably a mistake from clicking submit too many times or something) Alot of people say car chases are rarley seen in sprite comics, quality ones anyways. *Deletes your extra posts*
Guess who's back?
Hey I'm back, and I'm FINALLY, AFTER ALL THIS TIME (OSHT SEVEN MONTHS ALREADY?), updating my comic. I was gone for a long while, alittle bit of laziness, other things other than sprites, and the sprite community and comics, ect. and ofcourse real life stuff. But I'm back, and I thought I would come back with the most badass and epic comic introduction I could possibly make. Hope it was worth the long while of waiting. I'll try to put more effort into the comics longer than this one, (though it's just an introduction/teaser) and to try to update more often. Though I don't know what will happen in the future for me. But hey I'm still a minor, I'm sure nothing (Other than physical imposibility of updating) would keep me from doing one of the things I love. Also, no more "Lol heres the basic plot, I'm going to wing the rest" I'm going to think my story through. To make these comics the most enjoyable expirience I possibly can. All of these characters were made by me, copyright me, and your mother is a fat cow. COMMENT PLEASE. Thank you.

Fearless, Heartless, Darkness, Brought this, I am the Dauntless, Dark BlazerX.


P.S. I hope you get the puns at the begining with "Transmission"
Dark BlazerX
September 27th, 2008
I think he should kill everyone, then leave.


Correction, he should kill everyone, piss on their corpses, sing an urban rap song about domination. Then leave.
Hm. I must give you your props. Awesome comic. Fav'd.
Dark BlazerX
September 27th, 2008
What? ZOMG LIEK THIS COMIC WITHOUT RAY? HOW WILL I LIVE MY LIFE? Meh, I never post here anyways.
Is this to conpensate for the last two lolanimeemotastic pages of gabby?
... *cough*
Dark BlazerX
September 11th, 2008

You people have been watching too much generic overrated shonen ninja anime.