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...umm...l33t?...>>...<<. . .5'4 formaly chocolate brown hair, now bleach-blond...mocha colored skin...uhnm. .. varied personality
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oooh. . .pretty!! <3
and boys always wonder why we go to the bathroom in pairs O-O . . .XD -laughs-
my 'kick-the-guys-ass' sences are tingeling -reads page- oh XD. . .yea, he's so dead
XD holding hands XD. . .lawl. . .now if only they weren't doing that to hide the handcuffs !NIU! that would be cute XD -is a very weird girl-. . .-smiles-
wew first comment? I luff ur comic, tis AWSOME~!
oooohhh. . .^w^ happy now! -nose bleed-
wow this comic is awsome! henry's cute~! I luff teh freckles on him, and normally I hate freckles XD
what the
. . ok. . .that's streange. . .and kinda pituful
June 19th, 2007
YAY -ish in chibi mode, flailing arms in happy-ness!-. . .*squeel*
I like hats >>...<<
I have a hat like the one Metis is wearing!. . .it used ta be my dads XD
ohmiigawd. . .didn't see that comming!
I love his expression in the last pannel XD
if I left my hair blond instead of dying it blood red, and wore white make up, I would of looked like that. . .strange. . .oh well, I'm stickin' ta ma emo-ness! ^w^ I know where my loyalties lie! >>. . .<<. . .I wear black make up -twitch- KILL THE WHITE!. . .the only thing good white is a shirt (a wet one((on a girl)) XD...if you catch my drift) >>...<<
OMG. . .o.o. . .this comic is AWSOME!! \^0^|