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Like a lot of people I'm a nerd........Do you need anymore info?
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Ship?...Been on it.
It always starts with hate then evolves into something more.....Also does Blaze have mood eyes or something?
Hay looks like Silver has been eating. That's good since seeing his bones was kind of odd.
So many people.
@AkumaTh: Dude how can you handle that many characters you have then throw in more. I feel like I look away one moment from your stuff and BOOM NEW PERSON!
Now I know why it's Called Forest Haven. Beautifully done.
@motork: .....HOLY CRAP IT'S MEGA!!! Huh...small world for the internet.
Well if he has a shield he can always bash some skulls.
Master Block?
That just reminds me of a move master gundam does in Gundam battle assault 2.
August 22nd, 2013
First off Reign of Chaos...Great name second You just know what music to throw in don't you.
Ya that pit is bad...I fell like 3 times before I got past it.
Sad thing is I understood 95% of that.
Would that mean that you guys will have to change the title to We can't defeat Gamma or something.....but if I would have to say there going to go though all the games and go back to try and beat gamma.
Is that Dark energy I see coming off that guy or is that something else.
I'm guessing uh....SOMEONE THAT WE DON'T KNOW!!!
December 20th, 2012
It will end like a thief in the night. We don't know when but it will happen.
The bee blew up because of Djoing's awesomeness. To much awesome can do that to you.
@Fighter Dee: Nothing I just think it would be fun to watch them play this game.
You guys should play this next to celebrate 25 years of megaman.
I'm with Djoing on this one Tetra shouldn't read fanfics about her....It might make her head explode.....THERE EVIL!!!!!!...Most of the time....NOW THEN WHERE IS THE CAKE!!!
Something that deals with GUN or perhaps that one person who knows that other person who was at that one place comes in.
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