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Parkour and stikfas.
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The font can be a little hard to read at times. But it's lookin' good!
No thats it, no more pages. We need to make more.
We do? i'll see if there are some more.
Ok, thanks. Got anything good to say about us these days? I'm jk. (if you don't, thats ok, we're not pros or anything)
I can't, then the file size is too big.
Can't wait for an update. ;)
thanks, we're a pretty far into it to just start putting faces on them though...
In your banner, the Donatello detective, i used to have that when i was a kid! Check out our new pages ;)
The comic banners...
Its was my McAfee, its fixed now.
Thanks, anybody know why the banners on smackjeeves aren't showing up?
he was probably already dead before he hit the water. nice page.
Sweet! The second shot is classic.
Yep, thanks for all the support we didn't really think it would turn out as well as it did. There won't be updates for a while though because my computer exploded. (literally)
"did you know this is a co-ed dorm?" "did you know this is a co-ed dorm?" he sounds nervous :)
This is my favorite one.
Ok, the main viking guy is definately stoned in the first panel.
This is getting off to a good start!
The guy
Were not sure what that is. I found it in my basement so it must have been a toy from my early childhood. It's cool though!