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I'm Alan, a comic artist interested in psychology and speculative culture whose work focuses on queer narratives in psychedelic sci-fi and horror settings. I have a degree in psychology from the University of California Santa Cruz and have recently called the Wild West home. When not drawing comics, I can be found playing Irish fiddle, bike touring, rockhounding, and blasting doom metal to my cats.
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    Alan L. Kaplan
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Content Warning: the warning for non-graphic nudity is for the next page (Monday)
Color intro--done!

I'm glad I've been doing these intros in color for the past eight chapters even though they totally smack of effort. I've really pushed myself to figure out what I like in terms of color in narrative storytelling and I'm feeling much more comfortable with it than back when I started with Chapter Two (and the colors up now are even a re-color of the original, haha). Plus, y'all say such nice things about them -- turns my brittle black heart into goo. Thanks & cheers
@guest: Hearing that it hits emotionally is the best compliment ;_; Thank you!
Color intro GO! Happy first day of Halloween, y'all \m/
@IronDog: Thank you! It was time for a change ;)
Color intro starts Monday!

I renamed the previous chapter and re-uploaded the cover & title pages accordingly :)

CONTENT WARNING: themes and imagery concerning suicide/self-harm, implied/non-graphic sexual activity
Lyrics for the pages 52-60 have been from Angel Olsen's "Sweet Dreams":

I went back and changed the title and cover of this chapter. I wanted Damien's chapters back-to-back, but it makes far more sense for this chapter to be for him than for Dr.L.

Ch9 cover will be up Friday.

Thanks for reading <3 This chapter end on a hard note but there's two more to the end!
Content warning for the next two pages
@guest: Dr.BJ bout to deliver some comeuppance~

And thanks!
@guest: Thank you! I'm constantly caught between the urge to caption with snide remarks or emo song lyrics, haha. The song lyrics won out for the end of this chapter -- I got way too excited about lining up the lyrics to the pages
(Psst remember this conversation: )

Gentle reminder of the content warning for the last three pages coming up <3
**Content Warning**
Almost to the end!

In less exciting news, the next four updates, pages 57-60, cover some sensitive content re: mental health & self-harm/suicide
Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Nevada Humanities Literary Crawl! Come down from 12-8pm to hear readings, panels, and literary activities hosted by a bevy of talented local poets and authors. CJ Joughin (City of Cards, / @cjjoughin) and I will be hosting a panel from 2:30-3:15pm at the Lake Mansion in Reno, NV discussing comics history and comics as a vehicle for marginalized voices. Book signing at 4:30pm at Sundance Books!

Free to the public, and with a keynote speech by queer Latinx author Gabby Rivera!
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This is the first page of a double spread! I'll post the link to the whole spread on Monday with the second page.
Thanks to everyone who came out for SacAnime!

I'll have new foil prints and the last two books up on my Etsy store shortly!
My new prints won't be here in time (s a d n e s s) for SacAnime, but I will have the two new books (6&7) as well as some funky risograph mini prints on hand! Come by and say hi this weekend, Fri-Sun at the Sacramento Convention Center -- I'll be in the Indie Zone @ table IZ 24!
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SacAnime is today! Come by the Indie Zone and say hi -- I'm at table IZ 24!
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@Guest: It's hard to tell what/who came first?
I'll be at SacAnime this weekend - IZ24! Come say hi!