I'm AK, the cowardly tinman. I design t-shirts for money. I like bike touring, playing Irish fiddle, and blasting doom metal records for fun.
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Hey, y'all! In case you don't follow me on social media (@alkcomics on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr), I wanted to let you know that I'll be tabling at SacAnime (Sacramento, CA, 9/1-9/3) and Rose City Comic Con (Portland, OR, 9/8-9/10)! Come by to say hi!

I'll have print copies of the first five chapters of this comic, as well as some rad merch.

Here's a look at the sticker designs I'll be selling:

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@Auldr: Yeah! He's wearing a binder.

And thanks for your other comment about the paneling~ you make me confident in my writing!
Here's this and the following page together as a spread:
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Hey, this is the second half of a two-page spread:
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@Aaron Andermadas: Yuuup! We'll see it eventually ;)
Content warning continues through next week's pages
Begin content warning.
Wednesday's page starts the section of this chapter that the content warning (re: self-harm/suicide) is for.

Also, I'm aware the dialogue in the third panel is typoed. It'll get fixed someday~
Hey, y'all! I'll have this page reuploaded with proper shading tomorrow~ I came out to my parents and they took it pretty hard, so it's been... a week. Hopefully on the upswing now, so updates should roll out smoothly for a while again after this!
Hey, y'all! This'll probably be the only update this week. I'll be back in regular action soon!
@guest: hahaha! um excuse me you're forgetting this picture of Kyle MacLachlan --s-movies-cult-movies.jpg
@Chirurotsu: Thanks! That's so kind of you to say. I'm glad you like it! And thanks for the shout out in that article -- I really appreciate it! What a great cast of comics to be in the company of.
(I know, I lost the accents in that speech bubble by a mistake)
@Auldr: Heh! Glad ya dig. I've always loved coming up with fake band names (*some* of the bands are actually my friends' bands that I snuck in for fun). I'm super stoked on "Dungeons & Drag." The bar is modeled on a gay bar in Reno -- although, much to my dismay, it has neither a poster wall nor a "Dungeons & Drag" night.
@guest: Aw, thanks! I struggled a lot with it, actually
**Content Warning**
There will be images, themes and plot points revolving around suicide and self harm. Mild underage drug abuse and suggested sexual activity involving teenz.
And that's it for the color intro! The chapter title will go up tomorrow, and then next Monday will be full-throttle into the chapter~
Color intro GO!
Hey y'all, welcome back!

I forgot to draw the cover, so we're jumping right in to ch6 with the intro. I'll have it uploaded someday!