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I'm Alan, a comic artist interested in psychology and speculative culture whose work focuses on queer narratives in psychedelic sci-fi and horror settings. I have a degree in psychology from the University of California Santa Cruz and have recently called the Wild West home. When not drawing comics, I can be found playing Irish fiddle, bike touring, rockhounding, and blasting doom metal to my cats.
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    Alan L. Kaplan
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@firedragis: Woops! Just the number. Good catch, I'll fix that :)
The dialogue here is also from Ch3, I think pg39 and 60.
@emerald: Oh man, thank you! I'm glad you like it!
@Alse: Thank you!!
It's been a while...
The dialogue in green he's remembering is what Kappy tells him they think is going on in Ch3, pgs 36-7
WhoaA it's the 30th and I'm 30! Hot dog!

Thanks for reading my comic, y'all're the best birthday present I could ask for.
@guest: The true hero
@guest: Different "him"! Dr.L and Cher both brought people in to the hospital. ((I think the dialogue on this page needs a little finessing to be more clear!))
@guest: She could definitely use a hug
@RabidRabbit: haha yes
@guest: Haha I was really impressed that you assumed correctly. I was debating adding "hospital" in the dialogue right before the first comment
Hey hey! I'll be at Table 6 in the Artist Alley at SNAFU in Reno, NV at the Grand Sierra Resort today through Sunday! Come down and say hi!
Thanks to any of y'all who came out to SNAFU this weekend to say hi! And welcome to any new readers!
@guest: Haha, right? Happy when holidays align perfectly to be commercial breaks ;)
@dzai: Thank you!!
@guest: Gotta emulate those barge-wide CLAMP dude shoulders somehow, haha
@blueshark: HAhahahahaa
Anyone recognize them??

CLAMP'S Cardcaptor Sakura was a huge influence on me when I first read it in late elementary school, and the friends/family dynamic still gets me today. It held up so well on a recent re-read.

Cheers to fears, y'all
Real world news right now is ~not that great~ but I have some good news! My shop's been stocked with print volumes of Chapter 8, two new metallic foil stamped psychedelic prints, and holographic stickers. Woo!

Also, someone on Tumblr asked about music and F-ST, and I made a post about a playlist I have for working on the comic that's public for anyone to listen to (on Spotify). When the alt-text isn't jokes, it's usually song lyrics pulled from this list. This page's lyrics are Noir Désir - Vive la Fête~

<div class="tumblr-post" data-href=" 5646" data-did="da39a3ee5e6b4b0d3255bfef95601890afd80709"> -music-at</div> <script async src=""></script>
@guest: Ohh man, thank you T_T I love it, too, and I think I really did need to! I wish I were able to draw the body more accurately more of the time. I'm workin on it!

(and I hope no one's getting notifications each time I edit this reply!!)