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I'm Alan/AK, the cowardly tinman. I design t-shirts for money. I like bike touring, playing Irish fiddle, and blasting doom metal records for fun.
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@ZenPanda: Thanks! She's one of my favorite designs. It's fun to do the family members of the main characters -- riffing off their facial features but changing them slightly. I'm not sure if facial expressions are more learned or inherited, but either way, she definitely passed down the bitchy glare to Day haha
@dzai: Thanks! Yeah, it took me up until, like, ch4 to really lock down what he looks like!
@Auldr: Thanks! Yeah, I never played baseball as a kid, so it took a bit to familiarize myself with the game enough to portray it (hopefully) believably
@guest: Heh, yeah, it's a fun challenge to use the cover art to try and capture a bit of the personality of the character as well as hint at what's to come in the chapter.
Look what I found:
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Look what I drew on time this chapter!
Colored speech bubbles? What is this, Marvel??
And the cover is finally up, too! Magic!
This is page 60 now! Whoa! You thought you had one more page in the chapter and then -BAM- you don't! Long story short, I did some editing and added in a new page 58 instead. The bottom panel of pg57 is new as well, so I'd go back to there to re-read.

On Wednesday, I'm going to do a similar edit to pgs 12-14 -- I'll post a notice so y'all can check them out.

Friday's update will be the cover for this chapter, and then next week will start Chapter 7!
Hey y'all! In case you missed it, I posted the yearly holiday illustration as a page yesterday!
@Lupus3891: Heck yes it is! Evil Dead 2 is in my top five favorite movies. ;sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiR15n88p3XAhUD7GMKHfBqBigQ_AUICigB&biw=1605&bih=886#img rc=HnzDnAqWDibYUM:
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpse's shell~~~
@Auldr: Thank you so much! Your comments always help keep the motivation going strong~~
@IronDog: Aw, thanks so much!
@demesne: My pleasure!
Thanks to everyone buying books from my Etsy! I've gotten some really sweet notes and my heart just... T_T
@CharliePeppersoap: Shucks :,) Maybe someday!
@CharliePeppersoap: this comment is my favorite <3
@blueshark: Aaaahh thanks <3
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