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I'm Alan/AK, the cowardly tinman. I design t-shirts for money. I like bike touring, playing Irish fiddle, and blasting doom metal records for fun.
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@IronDog: Nothin' like that end of the chapter build up! Thank you for all your recent comments-- you help me feel confident about my writing!
@longtimereader: Thank you both for your kind words and especially for sticking through reading for so long. When I first started publicly sharing this story, I was convinced it was too self-indulgent and afraid that meant it wouldn't connect with other people. Thank you for helping give me the confidence to keep telling this story! It's definitely a lot of effort, but working on it and sharing it with readers like you has been an absolute pleasure these last years
WhoOoOAAH alright, updates are rollin' again for a while! Y'all are never impatient, which is so kind. It's been a summer at the dayjob, I tell ya what.

I'll be at SacAnime again from Aug31st-Sept2nd at the Sacramento Convention Center! I'll make a table map announcement closer in. I'll be selling sets of chapters 1-7 with the snazzy book collar, all the usual merch, and perhaps a new print or two if I can scrounge up a spare minute.

@Ellen: Thank you so much! I'm stoked ya dig!
@guest: @blueshark

y'all are too cute
@dzai: Thank you! It was such a fun spread to draw. I had no idea how to handle movement and action when I started making this comic, and I've since been giving myself a crash course in dynamic composition etc. I was feelin' pretty good about this page, so I'm glad it's working for you, too!
Wow, I've been completely exhausted from dayjob lately. I should have updates ready for this and next week, but there may be a few more skip days until the end of August :)
Page two of the double spread!
<div class="tumblr-post" data-href=" 6791" data-did="f278a42a0d739afdfa85e286ddb2258e5fc27471"> 8-39</div> <script async src=""></script>
Page one of a double spread! I'll post the whole spread with Friday's update.

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@Guest: Thanks!
Updates might be late this week! I'm having a lot of wrist trouble, but I'm trying to get Ch.8 finished before SacAnime in September~
@plasticwrap: :) I really like working in the limited color palette -- it gives me a lot of ambiguity to play around with!
@plasticwrap: Thanks! I hope you like it!
@IronDog: The next page isn't exactly that, but I hope it gave you some more insight into their situation!
This scene begins this chapter's descent into darkness. Consider the content warning back in effect for the remainder of the chapter.
Hey y'all!

I wanted to pop in with a heads up that the next scene begins this chapter's descent into dark themes by leaning hard into shitty family dynamics. Consider the content warning back in effect for the remainder of the chapter.
@guest that makes me super stoked -- it gave me the feels when I was drawing it, and I'm glad some of that comes through!
@guest: Aw thanks so much! I'm glad ya dig!
@guest: the true unsung hero
@guest: W..ow my dumb ass didn't even realize that was the problem. I kept being all "maybe it's HOW it's tied...?" Hahaha