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I'm Alan, a comic artist interested in psychology and speculative culture whose work focuses on queer narratives in psychedelic sci-fi and horror settings. I have a degree in psychology from the University of California Santa Cruz and have recently called the Wild West home. When not drawing comics, I can be found playing Irish fiddle, bike touring, rockhounding, and blasting doom metal to my cats.
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    Alan L. Kaplan
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@Alse: @demesne's profile pic is goals
@guest: (haha I usually read comments from my phone but I can't reply there!)

That's cool to hear. I know part of why I've been able to finish this project instead of abandoning it like all my others is that it's allowing me to work through my own unresolved Teen Feelins.

As a side tone, I've enjoyed guessing readers' ages based on their comments here and on Tapas -- who gets angry at (or is empathetic towards) which character and why sort of stuff. It's interesting for me as the author to imagine what it's like reading this *as* a teen, because it's written so much from the distance of *looking back on* my teens haha.
@guest: I'm so sad this page missed April Fool's Day because that would be an excellent joke page hahaa
@guest: (I love this comment)
@guest: my heart... Thank you <3
@blueshark @sleep

Y'all have dated some cuties <3
(ignore the lil bit of text peeping out of that second panel)
I guess this is a double spread of sorts! Here's the full thing:
<div class="tumblr-post" data-href=" 9771" data-did="3f94c1f2fdba7615bbd147c7673a47ef6970a1f3"> y-chapter-10-pages-12-13</div> <script async src=""></script>
@guest: Haha I mean, to be fair, it's not like his shirt left much up to the imagination...
@guest: Dr. Benjamin "Done with this shit" Lozano
@Sleep: Haha, thanks! Yeah it adds a sort of old-censored-cartoon camp that makes me smile when I'm writing ;)
In which: I forgot if Quin had his tongue stud in or not during that conversation
@Chirurotsu: Quite a step up from the hoodie, haha
@guest: fashion master/disaster
There's no color intro for this chapter... so how 'bout a color cover
@sleep: Thank you for comin' along for the ride! I appreciate it
@dzai: dun dun DUNNN
@mambos monster: never the wrong time to tell your guy he does a good job lmao
@guest: Haha, heck yeah, glad you remember! Thanks so much, y'all say the kindest things <3
Not to break the dramatic mood, but check back tomorrow for a special holiday post!