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I'm Alan/AK, the cowardly tinman. I design t-shirts for money. I like bike touring, playing Irish fiddle, and blasting doom metal records for fun.
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In case it's too small to read at this size, the text on the TV screens reads: "BREAKING NEWS: CHAOS IN BAKERSFIELD!"

((It'll be legible for print. I've been rushing to get pages up this week))

((**Print volumes for 6&7 will be available at VanCAF May 19-20th and online right after**))
@thepythia @demesne: Stay gold y'all <3
Who wore it better
@guest: Oh man, I wonder if any exist! The good and bad of not having a cellphone with a camera until college...
@Randumbz: Thanks, dood! It was super fun to draw
@guest: Good thing her older brother is ~so~ dedicated and responsible
(I know the window was on the opposite side of the table on the previous page. I goofed and will fix it for print T_T)
Just a friendly reminder that I post world-building sketches and illustrations on my social media accounts (@ALKcomics on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr). If you're interested in extras, check it out!

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@gem: Aw, well, thanks! Mistakes are good for something, I guess!

I'm glad you're into the slang. I've always been interested in languages and thought that was a more interesting way to develop the post-invasion world than just using exposition.
@gem: Haha, woops! Thanks for the heads up!
@dzai: They're real and the silliest thing about them is that they do a "dawn patrol" show before sunrise where five pilots (that can't be the correct term) go up in their balloons and synchronize lighting their fires/engines in various patterns. So you stand, freezing in a field, in the dark, surrounding by maybe a thousand+ other freezing people, watching slowly blinking, glowing orbs slowly bobbing up and down in the dark void. There's also a very cheesy MC for it.
@blueshark: What a good cat!
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Here's the spread!
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@blueshark: Choose your gender: garlic or pepper
@guest: It does it does! There's a better view of the front of the place on pg27 of ch3 :)

I'm hungry noww
@Coretella: Aagh, what a disappointment! We ended up having more coverage than I expected: