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I'm Alan/AK, the cowardly tinman. I design t-shirts for money. I like bike touring, playing Irish fiddle, and blasting doom metal records for fun.
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This scene begins this chapter's descent into darkness. Consider the content warning back in effect for the remainder of the chapter.
Hey y'all!

I wanted to pop in with a heads up that the next scene begins this chapter's descent into dark themes by leaning hard into shitty family dynamics. Consider the content warning back in effect for the remainder of the chapter.
@guest that makes me super stoked -- it gave me the feels when I was drawing it, and I'm glad some of that comes through!
@guest: Aw thanks so much! I'm glad ya dig!
@guest: the true unsung hero
@guest: W..ow my dumb ass didn't even realize that was the problem. I kept being all "maybe it's HOW it's tied...?" Hahaha
@guest: LOL it was supposed to be a sweatshirt tied around their waist but it really has some Sailor Moon butt bow vibes huh
Happy Pride Month, y'all!
@guest: Thank you! I've learned a lot about laying out pages for action scenes since their first fight in chapter one~
Better late than never! I should be back to regular updates after this!

New books will be up on Etsy on Monday.
Aaahh I can't promise I'll have another update until next week. It's been a slog getting through some dayjob stuff with VanCAF impending. Cheers y'all <3 Thanks for reading. Your likes, comments, and support keep me going through all the rough spots!
@IronDog: A nicotine inhaler ;)
This time next week I'll be loading my table for VanCAF!
I'm at table M1 in the Gym. Come say hi!

I'll have books 1-7 with fancy book obis to keep 'em together. Cat not included~

<div class="tumblr-post" data-href=" 9331" data-did="4437f37916c8177100940a291b423658e1391f9e"> so-i-stayed</div> <script async src=""></script>
@demesne: "City of angels," huh? Sounds like someone's California Dreamin' about moving on to a "better place..."
@guest: Thanks! I definitely felt that this page should let us (me) catch a breath alongside Dr.L after that sensory-overload of an intro ;)
@IronDog: Thank you!
*pants* Alright, no more colors til next chapter! Title page on Friday :)

Here's the full spread:
<div class="tumblr-post" data-href=" 0556" data-did="96974741c387ee95686458ca9d5eaa77834df9ae"> 5</div> <script async src=""></script>
@sentiashinou: Haha, yes, we're in this hell together! It's hard for me to properly edit my comic work until I see the final product, so I end up redrawing already finished pages more often than I'd like T_T
@blueshark: I don't know the meaning of the word ;P
Page two of the spread. I didn't want to post the whole image with text on Tumblr because of the content:

<div class="tumblr-post" data-href=" 3543" data-did="4843994b3be75dc893c23f3d1543956d5b325517"> 3-coloring</div> <script async src=""></script>