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Just here to read comics :) I lack the motivation and skill to make my own :(
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I’m sorry that you lost readers! That’s awful :( I know it’s not the same as a large following but you will still have readers that will stick around and wait for updates no matter how long it takes :) I’m not going anywhere. I still follow a few comics that haven’t updated for many months because I enjoy them and would still like to read them if they happen to update in the future. At the end of the day, you have a life outside of the internet and that should always be your top priority, take care of yourself!
Ahhh I want to become a Patron so baaadd.
But money nooo, it constantly evades me.
I'll still aim to do it one day though, I really love your art.
Lucid, your comments always make me laugh :'D
Oh no I de-lurked!
Love your comic btw <3
Ahhh! Congrats on finishing (almost finishing?) your story ;v; and thanks so much for sharing it with us!
I'll be buying the last volume eventually when I get some spare moneys~
(will the shadowy girl from KAE be explained? I know she hasn't been in TEN but I'm so curious :'D)
Oh geez dude you're being SO CREEPY right now! I'd have run for the hills and locked all the doors! xD
Don't look up!
That's the #1 rule of birbs flying overhead.

That was my incredibly insightful addition.
Ahaha I used to have one of those phones, good times. Playing snake at lunch time.

I love the bright colours you use! So tasty for the eyes. Also just realised my braces are the same colour as Jura's :B
I just had to say that I really enjoy your drawing style. Your characters are very cute and colourful and are a real joy to look at. Keep up the good work
He is such a cute baby omg.

Good luck for the prize!
The link isn't working :'(
Poor Baby <3
Oh no, I'm having flashbacks.
*rocks slowly*
Haha, Shuno you dork.
I love how you colour <3
I really love your liinnees just so you know =v=
Hehe these are all awesome~
Loovee the running pose :D
I totally know where you were coming from with so many people faving your work but only tumble weeds in feedback areas.
I'm glad you've decided to keep going! Remember there's no pressure to churn out pages like a page churning machine though, go at your own pace, you don't want to hurt yourself! Just have fun!
I've been reading for a while but only just made an account :) I love your style!
Oh, Pepper ;A; poor bby