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Just reread the pages. I can honestly say I'm looking forward to much, much more!
This is a great comic! Just read it from the beginning.

Looking forward to more!
Fire and brimstone don't have nothin' on Delphin and Poseidon!

Bad. Ass.
I love this comic, but I agree that Elise's cuts look a bit excessive. I do not doubt that there are people out there that subject themselves to injuries of comparable severity, but for the purposes of this comic it distracts from the dialogue and action a bit.
Look forward to the next post.
Heart melted into a pool of goo.
So cute. <3
February 1st, 2009
Best. Comic. Evrrr.
Can't wait til next week!
I love this comic: the concept, characters, everything!
Keep up the awesome work!
Suddenly I feel my one-headed dog is inadequate. :D
Now I want a three-headed puppy.
One that can eat Zeus.

Pretty Please?
My new favorite word.
What? Naked schmexy men aren't constant fixtures in normal households? xDD

I want one.
Aw... Hermes is cute!
I've decided I lurv Grant.

He's just so...

Ass. >.<
It's always interesting to see someone tackle difficult subject matter in their comics besides (though we love our yaoi) homosexuality. Whether I agree or disagree on the presented issue is my own business, but I'm looking forward for more updates! :D
I love this comic.
And though Liam is adorable, Richard and Henry make me melt.
Thanks for the update!