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This SHIKI!!!! (de artist) and RYA!!!! (the story writer) XD and together you have the manga magic that is from the most insane duo in the world.<3 we loves what we do and loves to provide entertainment to all who seek it. <3 stick around and take a look at what we got. who knows. you may like it...or LOVE!!!!

thank you guys for checking us out and remember to comment and let us know what you think of our work<3
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    Shiki and Rya
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@Riaya: thank you <3 and yes i hope and pray she starts to feel better. sucks when your friend is far and down and your just there feeling helpless. but i know that know that you guys rooting for her to feel better will cheer her up big time.
ok guys
alright alright. lol i m so happy you guys miss AVM so much and are constantly begging for more. My writer is going through some tough times and wont be able to write anything for awhile which was one of the reasons i havent been able to post anything up. untill she is feeling better and is ready, i will be taking over for her. i m not sure how rapid i will be able to post but know that it will start to flow in. the wait is short now guys lol. i m not the best writer so bare with me and hope that i dont suck. also in order to give you better quality images of the comic pages i need a better tablet and such....i have entered a little contest that if i win i will be able to provide all that you lovely kitties need in this story and more. here is how it works. go to the link i will provide and like Yira the blue caster as well as share to hopefully encourage others to vote for me. i m sorry i have made you wait so long but i will be working on this solo till Rya is feeling better.. please pray for her and wish her luck in her struggles. here is the link:
sorry guy
yeah i know sorry for teasing you all with the random fillers. trying to get to my writer to continue this webcomic for ya ll. here is a colored page for you guys.
hey guys
hey everyone its Shiki. i want to apologize for us not updating as much as we and you guys would like us too. due to life events and changes it has kept us distracted from doing this. there is no promises we will update as often as we used to but we will provide more story in a steady process. thank you guys so much for sticking around and supporting our story AVM.
yeah took down the old one due to the fact i didnt like it XD sooo hope this one is better.
@Charlotte057: HA!!! i just noticed i did that. XD well...thats odd isnt it?
@LuckMouse: <3 thank you XD still trying to get used to the computer art. its been awhile
hello hello
sorry guys i ve been absent for some time now. i ve been working and lada lada with is a page for often i will be able to update is still unknown. so thank you for sticking around as long as you have.

Shiki Ariandri
omggggg this story is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you for existing!!!!!!!!!after a hard days work today and dealing with pervy ol men (walmart) this was just fantastic. tthhaannnkkk yoouu and MOURR!!!
school name
haha sorry i just realized that in one of the first few pages i named the school mayde lake high and on another page i called it Alice ignore the Alice High haha i was super tired. and i m not great with spelling so over look it XD i failz wiff words.
Color Fail
i know the coloring is extra sloppy on this but bare with me i havent slept at all haha. but the point of the coloring is to look more like it was all painted in a story book. hence the whole alice in wonder land book. XD
ello ello again XD sorry i havent updated this one in forever. so yeah figured i should give ya'll something haha. anyway. due to the lack of programs i normally use this wont look as well as bare with me till i get things together again. thanks for supporting this webcomic <3
here is another page..not my best and i m sorry once again for the poor quality its in. till things get back in order you guys are stuck with this haha. sorrryyyy. DX. once again dont forget to check out avm news on the side of the avm profile page on here. thank you guys again. <3
hey everyone. sorry for the long wait but here ya go the first update in who knows how long lol. though the art will look a little different due to the fact i dont have my old program that i used to use so bare with me till i get it again. till then this is what i can give you. sorry and i hope you love it just the same. dont for get to check out news if you havent already.

news link>> es-melody-shop-comming-soon/
hey guys Shiki here. i know i know its been a long time since an update has come up but i promise you we are working on it. Rya has been making sure to work on the story so cross your fingers and hang in there. in other news. please check out the AVM news post for details on what we would like to offer you guys as a thanks for sticking around and supporting us thick and thin. love you guys and thank you.

NEWS link-- es-melody-shop-comming-soon/
awwww god can they get any cuter together!??!!!!
yay comic
alright so here we go XD first page to the webcomic. and yes it will be in color so bare with wont be updated as much. and i Shiki will be the story writer as well as the artist (duh) due to the fact this is more of a personal story. hope you guys and enjoy and thanks for supporting us.
sorry for the lack in screen tone perfection.