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I love yaoi, vocaloids, and KPOP. I draw manga and realism sometimes.

Thanks for visiting my empty page, bwahaha :,D
I just read this entire comic in one sitting and I have to say the artwork and storyline is AMAZINGGG..
Yes I enjoy looking at his scar as well! Quite unique.. but I agree with everyone else. How is he not even having an eyebrow twitch from a blowjob, come ooon man.
You are amazing. I faved this comic. I really look forward to seeing more of this!!
LOL omg, angel your descriptions make me laugh every single time XDD Thank you for updating *w*
LOOOOOOOOL OMFG!!! i cant.. i cant breathe!! XD this is too much XD
LOOOL OMFG i wasnt expecting that smack on the butt at all!! and his stone face is just the BEST xDD cant wait for the next update!!
holy shit dawg.

this anime is AWESOME :,D I love Ethan's personality already xD Poor Bong can't handle it all ;n;
@KrazehKai: thank you for sharing! i hope to become as great as you *w* your toning and shading skills are AWESOMEEEE
OMG. this artwork is so professional!! may i ask what program you use to make your pages? :D

more people should read this manga. its fabulous! I usually dont read straight mangas but this one really caught my attention. I love the artwork on this manga and I hope to see another update soon!! :D
LOOL I knew this would happen. Sad that it has to end D: Hopefully this happens as the story progresses, without hallucinations. Bwahaha <:,D
Am i the only one that thought his fall was totally gorgeous? Like come on, some falls are clumsy and whatever but his was like a graceful, pretty fall. If that makes sense, ahaha :,D
omg. FIRST OF ALL- Dakota's scar in detail + his expression is just too much. And then, is it sad I havent noticed Dakota's green eyes? -dies-

All in all this page is just gorgeous. Minus the bloody ankle that looks too painful to look at -ALDFKJALK;DJOW THE PAIN.
I know everyone's said this already. But Im saying it again. This dude is GAW-JESS.
Okay so at first I was like "Dat ass" and all of a sudden Im just like picking my jaw off the floor staring at that trap.

First the deer runs off after getting shot (like a boss) and THEN IT LEADS DAKOTA TO A TRAP? Deers be trollin.
dude!! this is intense! the last part is just shocking D:

But at the same time.. LMAO @ Vons comment xDD lawd have mercy.
this page is perfect :,D The last panel had me cracking up. Just look at his face xDD I love this comic already!
UGH THAT NEXT BUTTON IS SUCH A TEASE DX I'm glad you updated after so long <:DD Your manga is really the best~~ I love your sense of humor XD
Oh my gosh! I feel so bad for him TT___TT But I can't help but admire your shading skills and the shaking effects :D Really nice job. Must see what happens next ;w;
OMFG. NEXT PAGE. I MUST SEEEE!!! His reaction is killing me right now. I mean, im just so excited.. And you don't even need that much dialogue for everyone to know what's going on. That's real talent. I can't wait for you to post the next page.
Did he find something?!?! The barcode, like everyone's saying?!?! OMG---- dead OTL I cant WAIT for the next page!! I mean im totally staring at his shocked eye in excitement XDD And Kae's open mouth-- HNNNGGG man I'm dying for some action in this manga XDD But of course I can always go back to when they were on the floor of Inori/Dez's place >:DDDD

Also staring at Inori's muscular arms *w* DAL;KDJFJL; I'm going crazy XDD

Ahhh I can't wait for the next page. I really can't. Great job on this. 8DD
Dez we all know you can't deny it. YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO THAT FACE. Now you must assure him that you won't leave with your powerful neck kissing skills. And more possibly BWAHAHHAHA -shot// OTL Cant wait for the next page!! *w*