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Hey, an updated sheet of Phantom is up. I managed to change his hair to be less bushy. And changed and made some new sprites.
Phantom V.3
Here in this comic it shows the new version of Phantom. His complete sprite sheet is up now.

I thought that with Vicky getting put in the P.C I thought of putting Mike in there.
Sorry I have not been on lately I was caught up in school stuff
I'll be gone on Monday until Friday.
Am I the only one who was wondering were they went?

I decided to make a solution.
Sure I might be able to make a better one even.

What do you mean editing it?
Maeglin no offence but if you try to give the effect that boo has taken control of someone change the persons eye color or put a glow around them.

Also try to open characters mouths when they're talking.
Not much to say about this one but yeah I am trying to make myself a room.

Look out it be his ray gun. PYEW-PYEW-PYEW
Great another Phantom!!
I thought that the electricity could have pushed Earth away from the sun
Yay 60 Comics!!!

I don't know what I was thinking when I made this one.
Is anyone going to update??
Can I have a cameo!!! I'm your cousin!!!
Great comic.

I remember one day along time ago you told me about Shadowby