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Thank you so much for this kiss scene! Maybe you should plan ahead for more Greg/Jonathan moments, since people like it so much.
Just curious as to why the hand that was cut changed from right to left... Other than that... I love it.
Poor Murdoc... He'll never know that he could have a threesome with the two men he loves the most...
Poor Cysero...
Cysero, of the AE team is sick, as announced in the recent Design Notes for DragonFable, which can be found here: (I do believe the undead put in a typo in the release date. I'm sure Artix needs to slay them, and put in May 1, 2007)

Get well soon!
April 4th, 2007
w00t. Amazing.
March 28th, 2007
Can I keep her?
lol Thanks Hanaki :P
Seriously, people. You need to comment. I know you're reading this... I really don't care if it's on this one or my Drunk Duck one ( ) JUST COMMENT.

NOTE: If you are infact illiterate, and can not read this, go get someone to read it for you, then shoot yourself. You will be better off that way.
Well, that turned out to be a failure...
I'd like all the fans of my comic to comment. Even if you commented on the DrunkDuck comic.
March 14th, 2007
That umbrella is scaring me... Other then that... I love it. Can I keep it?
Mmm... Not sayin' exactly what it says. I will say that it is for the one I love most though ;) She is the only one, other than me, that knows what it says.

EDIT: Hanaki, you need to come on MSN some time soon, and give me some of your uber inspiration, so I can create another comic page, or seven.
NOTE: The text in the heart is suppose to be illegible.
March 6th, 2007
Panther385, it isn't schitzophrenia, it's a DID, Disoociative Identity Disorder, which was previously known as MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder. It's either that, or he's hiding the fact that he beats/rapes his child, due to jealousy or otherwise, because he doesn't want to expose it to the public... He acts normal around others, and horrible in privacy. Both could explain what Travis' father is doing. There is also the possibility that he will rape Travis' friends... But, I'm not going into that... :P
In this one Mai is pink, I am white, George is light blue, and the white dude is grey.
Kinda self explainatory, but incase you didn't get it, Mai is the pink, George is the black, Jack is the light blue, and I am the dark blue.