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Maybe not talented in terms of sprite-making, but definitely in the humor department. I love your comics.
@Luigi_96: ever heard of the IGN Mass Effect meme?
@Luigi_96: Wow.
That is surprisingly evil from you. But it does sound hilarious in theory. XD
I wonder what UltimateYoshi and Gigi were inspired by. Did they ever say?
Creepypasta time.
@Luigi_96: I actually totally forgot, thanks for the reminder.
I would donate, Gigi, but I don't can't get a job, nor do I have a bank account to link up to PayPal. I can't make one either; I'm not of age to make a bank account.
Lotta squinting going on here...
Personally, I think either Heartgold or Soulsilver would be the best.
If you choose the Fire-type starter, the beginning of the game is easy, and the rest of the game is pretty fairly difficult. Plus, there are 16 badges you can get!
Good stupid.
That's a nice profile picture.

Is it something you author-doo from time to time?
But when does your summer start?
Video game companies may be losing interest in sprites, but not the fans! Just look at "Kirby's Spriters Resort"
I thought that the memory re-gain (if that's a word) was because of Panne's wish of everything going back to normal. After all, in his mind, he wants to be a villain, and that would require Marx's memory back.
For the next tutorial, could you teach us how to do the "copy essence" effect you did in Re:Booted's "Welcome to the Dark World", O master of Gimp?
Happy 1,000 to you!
Less than 9,000 to you!
That joke is over-used!
Happy 1,000 to you!
@Omega Kirby:

Thanks. I was really curious about that one.
@Omega Kirby:
I can't really tell, what's that yellow kirby (who I'm guessing is you) saying to Meta Knight?