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I'm a college graduate with a degree in Interactive Media Design emphasis in Animation. With my previous art background and a year of Bible school under my belt, you can be sure that my comics will be truly unique.

Also, you will not find any profanity in my work! My goal is to keep everything clean, fun, without lacking a great story. What's better than that?
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    Alexandra "Alex" Garcia
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So, I drew this three years ago...
So I was looking through my files and noticed that I never colored or posted this page for Cherry's Magical Adventure. So I took the time and quickly colored it and it's now here for you today!

I started this comic, goodness five years ago. I don't really have a desire to proceed with the story of this unless people really want more of Cherry and Ekee (which is the correct spelling of the made up name for her. I spelled it wrong in the earlier comics). If I were to ever continue, I would just do a brand new comic with an all new adventure and art.

This actually was a story which was a spin off to another idea where a girl gets pulled into a magical adventure with the same cast of characters (a total Shoujo story). This story just took the opposite side and focused on the magical characters and the totally under developed back story of Cherry at the time. It could be fun to make this spin off and turn it into another spin off, but then again I've got some other art projects going on. :) So enjoy this random page from me!
@dimensions: Thank you for your comment! Yeah, I'm excited too. I tried this type of comic on another website before and it was going rather well. Since it was Christmas themed, I decided to just start over and make this version instead. :D
Oh also
On the art... PERSPECTIVE IS HARD...

I used a picture of a porch I found on Google for reference, hopefully it looks good enough!

I'm excited!
Let's play
So this is where you as the audience can get a feel of what the story will consist of.

In the comments below you can pretty much use any "commands" to push the narrative forward.

>Info: Weather
>Change: Porch view
>Check: Inventory
>Check: Personal Stats
>Yell at the world and command why it is so cold!!
>Wonder where on earth you are. That backpack looks heavy too... maybe you should sit down.
(They can be long, they can be short... I'm not super picky.)

In case of many commands, I will pick the best ones that will move the story along. In case of no commands, I will add some. Beware, the HERO may fight back on the commands you ask... or willingly go with them.

If you have any questions, just ask!
Any questions? Just ask!
If you have any questions just ask!
This keeps getting better and better! Keep up the great work!
February 2nd, 2015
So this comic will mark the change in style for the world. After engulfing myself in many tabs and library books full of colonial and rococo designs, I think it is finally time to just start drawing this again.

Sometime I'll go back and re -draw all of the clothes from the first few pages, but for now I'll just continue on.
December 13th, 2014
December 12th, 2014
Couldn't help myself :)
-> Oh hey! Is that a Klondike bar?
November 30th, 2014
Man I love these two :)
November 25th, 2014
>The spider may hold a secret
November 25th, 2014
Added a little gray scale because I could. :)

They still need names! Anyone got a couple good ones for the girl and guy?
November 22nd, 2014
Hope I'm doing this right!
==>See if you can change the channel back to TV friend!

==>Otherwise ask, with dagger ready, who monster is
November 22nd, 2014
Can I just say I'm in love with these kids right now? :)
November 20th, 2014
They still need names.
What is this? Another page? And colored?

After I finished the page I really felt as if the bottom boxes needed three panels than two, but trying to mess with it really wasn't working well. I would need to backtrack all my work to fix it. I may go back and try another time, but for now I was happy to finish another page.

I also may be changing the hosting place of Cherry's story. May move to a blog or tapastic or something. I'm still thinking about it.
Oh hey there.
Remember me?

I found this floating around on my computer and decided to actually ink in the page.

I may add color later.

Obviously that is not his real name. Though it's the one that kind of stuck when I started naming everyone. Kid is... well... a kid. The youngest there at the shop actually. But that doesn't stop him.
Heh, I liked drawing this page.

Before this, I never have drawn elderly people. :)

THEY NEED NAMES! If you have a good name tell me! (like I said I was doing this for fun... didn't think that far)
Haven't done anything fun in a while.

This isn't meant to be serious like my other work I've done in the past (thus the lack of color and perfect lines). I had an idea, thus wanted to go with it for a little bit.

Hope you like though!