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I am me. Since words are boring, I'll leave out the details.
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Since you're asking for suggestions, I'd love to see a Tamauran pinup. There's just something about centaur girls.
I expect that DT's done just enough damage for Fish's Tackle to take out the Charizard.
Vote button seems to be broken for the last couple weeks or so. I may be over-exaggerating the length of time, though. Every day sort of runs together these days.
I think the one fire attack that didn't get drowned may have actually hit, so my money is on Burn damage.
Good thing George never figured out how to turn the cell separator on.
@Luminous: He's better than that. It'll at the very least be named Mr. Fish.
Wow, people are still coming here, huh? I suppose that's good to know. Question for any of ye who've actually read the crossover comics, are they any good?
She was obviously going to say Mokepon.
I'm about 80% convinced that that looks like a Dome Fossil or Armor Fossil.
I'm gonna say he's a Rich Boy. Also, have George's lips always been that dark and pouty?
Well, if you're gonna do this properly, we need thirty pages of Jumper backstory now that an opponent has shown interest in it.
A Sandslash's claws are rounded up to a certain point. They aren't blades like a Scyther, after all.
I know Diglett are fast, but I'm thinking this gym leader is a cheater. She's giggling too much.
Hmm... I think I get what the plan was...
The statute of limitations for that game's spoilers has run out. Just because they released a collection of all four of them doesn't renew it.
He's probably got a decaying human body with mechanical parts replacing what no longer functioned under there.