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Labor Day
Wow look everyone! I stopped lying about updating! It's an update!!!! Happy Labor Day!!
@Sage: Hi! I promise I'm not dead. Stuff's just been rough. ETA is before the 15th of this month, hoping to get back to a regular Tuesday schedule.
@JunnGerl: It's great, I love it!
@Curious: I'm not dead, I just got a new job, and have been out of practice making comics... a new page is 80% done but it's taking longer than normal.
I'm seriously not dead!! The next page is almost done. I have a new job so things have been crazy.
The end!

The term “blue dogs” refers to U.S. Democrats with Republican leanings. To be “blue” is to be Democratic (or generally left-wing), but the word can also mean “sorrowful”--as in, singing the blues. The setting was inspired by Bohemian Grove, a yearly party for powerful Republicans and their friends. Yes, all women are banned from the premises. Yes, it really does have a giant owl statue. (You should look it up, it’ll blow your mind.) Lawrence Kaiser is a wendigo, a person transformed by an act of cannibalism. In real-world Native American folklore, it is associated with a constant hunger for human flesh. In this story, his appetite is controlled by modern pharmaceuticals. Though an academic by profession, he’s steeped in old money, much like real-world biologist Dame Miriam Rothschild. He also makes reference to the Cuban trade embargo, which prevented the importation of Cuban cigars. It was in full force in 1995, when this originally takes place.
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Page 2.
To make up for a lack of Devoto, I'm posting the entirety of "Blue Dogs" until I can update again (ETA 2-3 weeks). Thanks and much love!

- Anne
The palette here is exceptional; I love it!
hey look

this character was

always intended

to be important
The last page was also edited because I'd made a continuity error, whoops. But all's well now.
Scene shift. It's time!

This could even be a new chapter but it's quite brief and it gets us exactly where we need to go.
I'm glad to say we have FINALLY reached the overall message of the comic--and it's an important one! I'm exuberant to say that now we can get to the incessant puritanical moralizing. I know it's taken five long years, but at long last, after all this filth, I can finally reveal the comic's true purpose. That is to say,

April Fool's!
@Notation: It's been updated with the shaded version.