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Notation needed a hobby and chose this. Crazy, crazy Notation.
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Devoto and Abria.
This will be a short chapter!

The SKELETON COAST is a section of desert which intersects with the ocean in Namibia. This is a divine-only chapter, but we still get something... quite new!
@Sage: Isam is Pride. He really did need someone to help him (and Zima) to segue into human life. They understand some things but not everything (e.g. they have no idea how to hire a housekeeper, or why, or a gardener; it's just not one of the things they do). Nina is a really savvy choice; the fact that she was once a human granted a guardian angel is a big deal. That she has any relation to Scott is one of the few coincidences in the world of the comic.

She can't refuse now; she has made her vow. Additionally, Sins in particular -aren't- bound by their word, so Isam could kill her now if he wished whether or not she agreed to the terms. He can do whatever he pleases in her respect, and she knows that.

Amazingly, this catches us up to what I always considered the "intro" of the comic to be. All the players in place!

After this, I can now segue to chapters that are shorter and more self-contained. And I owe you guys a few of them.


See you for Chapter 8!
... oh, he did do that didn't he.
Labor Day
Wow look everyone! I stopped lying about updating! It's an update!!!! Happy Labor Day!!
@Sage: Hi! I promise I'm not dead. Stuff's just been rough. ETA is before the 15th of this month, hoping to get back to a regular Tuesday schedule.
@JunnGerl: It's great, I love it!
@Curious: I'm not dead, I just got a new job, and have been out of practice making comics... a new page is 80% done but it's taking longer than normal.
I'm seriously not dead!! The next page is almost done. I have a new job so things have been crazy.
The end!

The term “blue dogs” refers to U.S. Democrats with Republican leanings. To be “blue” is to be Democratic (or generally left-wing), but the word can also mean “sorrowful”--as in, singing the blues. The setting was inspired by Bohemian Grove, a yearly party for powerful Republicans and their friends. Yes, all women are banned from the premises. Yes, it really does have a giant owl statue. (You should look it up, it’ll blow your mind.) Lawrence Kaiser is a wendigo, a person transformed by an act of cannibalism. In real-world Native American folklore, it is associated with a constant hunger for human flesh. In this story, his appetite is controlled by modern pharmaceuticals. Though an academic by profession, he’s steeped in old money, much like real-world biologist Dame Miriam Rothschild. He also makes reference to the Cuban trade embargo, which prevented the importation of Cuban cigars. It was in full force in 1995, when this originally takes place.
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Page 2.
To make up for a lack of Devoto, I'm posting the entirety of "Blue Dogs" until I can update again (ETA 2-3 weeks). Thanks and much love!

- Anne
It's about what it says on the tin.

I am currently handling some serious health issues connected to Marfan's syndrome. I thought that this had been (at least temporarily) resolved earlier in the year, but that was not the case. If we're being honest, I am doing very poorly health-wise. I am intending to have a new page within the week or so, but circumstances beyond my health are still very difficult on this end.