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Desmond Fallout
@Croabadrake: Yeah, wanted to show Levian still has her commanding instincts about her but couldn't resist a reference to that awesome scene. :B
Nathan's not used to positive feedback.
Yeah I'm a bit...well...WAY late getting this up. BUT HEY! Crimson Knight is back! :D
The online comic Crimson Knight finally has its own Patreon page!

What is Patreon? It’s a service where you can donate to the comic and help out its creators (Desmond Fallout and myself, Robertge). Donating to the comic unlocks tier rewards, all created by Crimson Knights writer.

Don’t have a lot of money? Hey it’s cool! Donating even a dollar helps us out in our cause to give you great entertainment. We’re just two guys trying to make a fun idea come to life. :3

Don’t have any money? That’s okay too! Sharing and spreading the word about our Patreon helps us out in the long run. Again, any amount helps, so spreading the word around is great. :3

But what is Crimson Knight?

In short, it’s a story of the life of Ulric Jenkins, one of the kings finest knights. After a false judgement is placed upon him he’s turned into a female dragon, forever casted out of his kingdom. He then goes on to find a cure, while having wacky adventures along the way.

Rewards won’t be given out until December, but you can donate now to nab the slots available before they run out! Cheer on this small webcomic, it’s a huge blast working on it! And thanks for reading!

Beginning of the Crimson Knight

Patreon Page
It's the ones who don't show off that are usually the most powerful. :3

Sorry update is late. Tried to divvy it up with photoshop effects, failed miserably.
Okay, moving along. Work has hit Jason HARD to the point he can't even draw art for himself much less commissions and the like. ;.; We deeply apologies for the delay.

Sorry if anyone was curious about the 'backstage' storyline. That'll probably be finished off site as a bonus feature or something. Jason and I feel that since we fell so far behind better to plunge right back into the real story of our heroine. :3

Updates are in the near future, we promise. Not giving up on our baby project so easily.
Posting a bit late, but that's totally my fault since I'm trying to be more helpful at being the comics colorists. ^.^;

So yeah...remember that one-shot gag about the King playing DDR in comic 21? Yeah I loved that concept so much I decided to make it canon...sort of.

What I mean by that is that every chapter will be preceded by a short 3-6 page mini-arc featuring your favorite characters of CK when they are 'off the clock.' However I don't want them to devalue what happens in the CK storyline with the pretense this is all a movie, like if a character dies or is in a tight spot. So I'm hoping by sandwich them in like this they become their own self contained stories that can be skipped or remove without ruining an experience from the real story.

Also Jason and I just like to have silly fun with our characters. Maybe we'll work out something with cameos and such later on. Enjoy! :3
Woo! We're back in the saddle again. I'm super excited as this page marks the end of chapter 1. What will happen to Levian on her journey? Will she find a way to return to human? Will Nathan get over his fascination with furries?

Tune in every Friday to find out.
Sometimes the only way to stop a kid from freeloading off you is a gentle push out the door.
Phew! Sorry I posted this a bit late. I wanted to try and help Jason a little by coloring the comic myself, but I have a few tricks to learn and master still. Plus was a bit busy this afternoon with other plans.

Enjoy your page! Almost done with this first episode. :3
@Shadow's Masquerade: Well there will be brooding moments that come with forced transformations, they certainly won't encompass ungodly long periods of time. Or at the very least I'll try not to make them boring.
And so completes her transformation from kingdoms greatest knight to common peasant. And a dragon one too! :B
Not sure what Nathan is implying really...
We now return to present day Levian....looking far better off than past Levvy.

In other news; We got ourselves another marathon people! Jason is going to try to have a comic up every day this week to make up for the previous month. It's been a very stressful August for him, so we deeply thank those of you still with us and hope you continue to enjoy his hard work.
Errol knows quiet a selection of bizarre spells, doesn't she?
And now, Errol casts magic missle!
Am I the only one who thinks Errol's got a great rape face in that last panel? XD;
We now return to our regularly scheduled plot. Somebody's got a bit of a vendetta against our poor new dragoness.
Yeah...uh....we'll get right back to Ulric after a brief interlude. >o.O;<
Poor Ulric gets no say in anything...