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Growing up, I had a lot of these same things asked to me. No one ever seemed satisfied with me having an answer like Grey's.

Very nostalgic page, for me.
Heaven's above this is a beautiful page.
This is my favourite page so far.. oh my god! I just love it so much!

I love how organic this comic is. It's truly spectacular!
Your style is just so more-ish!
Woot! Glad this is finally back!
This one is actually a pretty damn awesome drawing!
I love this so much haha
Bloody hell I love this one!
I'm soooo late! Over a week late! Very sorry... I was lazy! LAAAAZY! I hope you enjoy this one! The script for page 5 was too long, so it's going to be in 3 parts... yeah... sorry about that!

Thank you for being so patient!
This is my new favourite!
This is just too adorable! LOVE your style.
I second what Reidy said!
LOVE it.
My favourite so far!
@Chikouu: Tatsu has a very, very mean streak! Poor Ichi will have to learn this the hard way!

@Proto165: Lots of Nuzlockes seem to be gag, gag, gag every panel - I want some funny moments, but Nuzlockes are PAINFUL EXPERIENCES! Pain takes its time! /weep
There are probably a million typos, but I'm not changing ANYTHING.

This took too long. Way too long. Fuck the typos, man!
I absolutely love this comic! It's so different to everything else on here.
Yaay! I'm so glad of this update! I just reread it all again, I was itching so bad to read more of this!
I was originally going to create some buffer pages and hold off posting them, so I could get control of this damn thing, but my LORD! My hands are dead! Creating more of these suckers in such a short amount of time doesn't sound like fun.

Uchiha722 (on dA) helped me with some of the flats on this image, but it didn't speed this up at all. This page is far more complex than the last, and longer I think.

My hands are crippled for life.