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I am a Japanese manga geek. As the 80th child my drawings is more influenced by the 90s manga style, so for some of you I am real old-school. Creating comic is my biggest hobby, not doing this for money but purely for fun~~ Don't forget to leave comments when you visit~! Thanks much for the support!
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Thanks everyone for reading the first chapter! The second chapter is half-way through in production, but still need some editing and cover page to be uploaded. I was very much behind schedule with my comic posting for the past few weeks, due to the crazy tax season, but it is finally the end of it~! The uploading of chapter 2 will start soon, please keep reading ~~ ^_^
I hate to be behind schedule again. When 8PM came around I just realized I forgot to schedule updating of new page today~~~~~~ Ahhhhh, I hate tax season!
@princess_lom: Humm, that's probably just a coincident. I am not a huge fan of Sailor Moon stuff, was into in when I was in 4th and 5th grade and grew out of it afterwards. I think I am more influenced by Taiwanese manga artist You Sulan, still a huge fan of her work.
Chapter 1 is almost over, thanks for bearing with me~~
I've changed the updating schedule from every two days to every Wednesday and Saturday night now,just can't catch up the speed with finishing more pages due to my full-time job workload... when the busy season passes I hope I can get back to normal uploading schedule, sorry all~!
@cutie108: Normally talking to a psychotherapist would help people like her, but I guess there's no such profession at her time @_@
Warning, starting from the next page (will release on Sunday) there will be some sexual content , some may find it juicy bot others may consider offensive. If you are conservative, stop here, or don't blame me for not telling you ahead of time @_@
Almost forgot to upload a page today because my real job kept me so occupied, tax season is no easy time for me. Feels like I am falling behind the comic producing schedule! Later on I may have to update 2 times per week rather than every two day, if that happens I am so sorry~ but I am doing my best.
If you notice the inking style change, you may know this page was added later on as well. After all it is a romance and drama manga, lot of pages will be used for describing emotions >_<
Finally, page 30! Yeah~~ Apparently Dina's room does not have a lock, haha~!
This page was added later on. When I revisit the story and realized this part has moved too fast.
@Cave: On the next page you will see, Zach's shirt was short-sleeves, but on this page it was long-sleeves, and I don't want to risk messing up the page to fix it, it was already annoy enough for me to look at... But that's what happened when you not working on a manga consistently...
@Archie The RedCat: I think it will be interesting to do stories like this one about other gang members, something about their dark past and why they became what they are. But depends on whether the writer wants to focus on just Mira as main character.
Good story + great art, continue please!
What? only got 10 years for committing such a crime? Lucky bastard!
@SelSilver: Lenne really have some serious personal issues, I don't think it is her fault but unfortunately she's making matter worse...
@XNightingale: Political marriages usually don't work out unfortunately. much happened at one dinner hour, that man is completely mad, any kid witness this happen would grow up to be a killer I think.>_<