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I can be found on other sites with this same user name.

*Note: If you are looking at this profile and have the smallest of considerations about talking to this gentleman with the shy guy avatar, I can answer right now "please do." I would love to talk to other folks on this website."

In other news, I started writing that shy guy comic. It's actually rather awesome. You might enjoy it.
^^ seconded
October 27th, 2018
This writing is exceptional
October 11th, 2018
This comic is perfect
Until this page, I never realized how cool this story/cast would be as/in a video game
I drew this literally many years ago. I think it's adorable.
So I added a comic cover, thought i may as well post an update.
@Vigor Mortis: The color contrast is phenomenal. The light blue looks delightfully unnatural compared to the subdued blue of Rip's jeans.
@Vigor Mortis: Thanks for the reply. All comics have been removed.
@Vigor Mortis: ARGH of course it signed me out for an important post. The guest comment was me.

@JimLad: no don't worry about it. Comic Link has never been taught the song.

Comic saved.
Every time i see this page I chuckle. The contrast between the statement and the reactions just tickles me.

Come for the art style, stay for the suburb storytelling.
@Vigor Mortis: I look forward to the elaboration.

Is there a correlation between dying while locked up in some way and becoming a ghost? Is the cause of death what determines your end state? Is it remotely possible to attempt to become one of these archetypes by purposely dying in a specific way (not that the majority of people would know that's an option)?
My current question is whether there are downsides to being a ghost. A reaper and a revenent can both go insane, but ghosts don't currently display a weakness. I thought the straitjacket might be it, but no that comes from her death then?

Is a ghost the ideal form to be in?
Yeah everything mentioned is great and all, but what about the fact he's just WALKING AWAY FROM A BATTLE?
You might lose a pokemon or something, but you can just walk away? Like no thanks I'm done. :S
So they eat the hearts of assorted souls?

Do they throw the rest away? Does it vanish automatically? Or is he just enjoying the best part first?

Unrelated, first and all that jazz. Also, really really good art. You have an incredible talent for watercolor, and I would go on to admire the technical aptitude for good composition and comic artistry. E.g. dynamic posing, excellent use of the mediums quirks for hazy backgrounds and splatter effects, and overall good storytelling through comics.
I'm not dead I swear part 2.

I didn't want to post too much for this comic, because I had redone/insert a couple and wasn't sure if i would have to change them again to make sure everything made sense. I'm further now, and think it's safe to upload now.

BTW that's a clock in his hand
I really really love the coloring in the comics. As said by others previously, I'd hate to see all color leave.

Something I haven't seen suggested: color the main characters and leave the backgrounds greyscale. Maybe with less details like brick lines and such.

Additionally, I did notice some of the panels in greyscale still look fantastic (e.g. panel 3). Maybe some full panels could stay greyscale as well, depending on the content.

I love the idea of more updates in a shorter time, but some of the delight from the comic does go with the excellent color choices.
@RazorD9: I lol'd. Thank you.