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Atty's revenge?
Come on, that was outright murder. Atty might not like confrontation but this? Have Atty get revenge on the guy, punch him, or have his pokemon knock some sense into the Hiker.
Well she IS on the comics cover page so..yea..pretty damn obvious.
November 24th, 2013
Now THAT is a woman <3
November 24th, 2013
The only service that George did for the comic was drag it down and make it near unreadable. Not a good service if you ask me.
November 24th, 2013
Trix/Brent ship?
Now that the annoyance is gone, perhaps there is a chance for a Trix/Brent ship? A "Romeo and Juliet" type thing? A romance between enemies as it were? Would be awesome.
Too bad
Damn shame Rat didn't land on George. Would have made the perfect end.
Favourite page
Currently my favourite page out of the entire series :).
FINALLY! George is gone. Thank god. She was so damn annoying. Literally the worst part of the entire series and was seriously holding the story back. She was a pointless character, unfunny, annoying, and just plain dumb. Thank god she isn't going to be around as much.
She was being an idiot, their lives are endanger so she decides to put his life further in risk by grabbing him? FFS have a stronger will and keep running. Don't endanger others because you are to damn stupid to be unable to run just a bit longer.
@ShanaFlareon: Thank you. Yours is adorable.
Sandra and Woo Crossover
I am not sure why. But now for some reason I want to see a crossover between Neko the Kitty and Sandra and Woo...
I always wondered why some cats do that. You would think it would hurt. I mean check this cat out dex=27&feature=plpp_video While in the hamster ball all he does is bite the hell out of his tail. Looks like hes having fun though..(and it's youtube so don't worry about it being a bad link or w/e)
NOOOOOO! Prime has been defeated! Now who will protect us from MegaNeko!
@Cerberus: Actually it would. Kicking a women there hurts them almost as much as it does a man.
Gar kicking Jeffs Ass
I really hope in the next page featuring Gar and Jeff you have Gar get up and beat the living crap out of Jeff. For all the crap he has been putting everyone through, kidnapping a kid, and acting like a child. He REALLY needs an Ass whooping. And it would be so poetic for Gar to be the one to dish it out.
Ah yes I see it too. I see the bane of this story -_-.
Or they could, you know, not want to get second hand smoke and don't want to smell that shit.
Any kid who is actually able to find this would be old enough to know worse language.

If any young child is actually reading this then it is up to the parent to do their job for once and block this from the. You really should not have to worry about the profanity filter nor should you care.