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@Quadrant: Hahaha ohmygod XD Your reply is just perfect for this moment!
I know! This comic gets so adorable sometimes I feel like my head gonna explode XD
D'aww he's just making sure you're okay XD This made my day so much better! :D
I am so amused by this I just... I just can't even... XD

Amazing work so far!
September 13th, 2014
Awe he looks so sad :( Raze is such a frickin meanie! XD But I kinda love him lol
@minyan: Haha yeah that's true XD I'll leave him be... for now! Mwahahaha :P
Bahaha oh god XD He needs some comfort in this situation :P *pushes Raze on him*
Kalos just wants a friend :( Meanie Raze XD
@Quadrant Hahahaha YES! Oh my god that would be perfect.
Just gotta say, I'm all for VanillaxJura being a couple XD I've loved them both since the other comic.
I had a massive nerd out when I seen this XD GW2 is still one of my favorite games and just seeing this Agh! It just made me so happy! :D
@Yera: I scrolled back up just to see what you saw and I laughed so hard my roommate AND cat are still staring at me like I've lost it.
I read this about 3 years ago and just reread it. I gotta say it's one of my top favorites! Rereading it all over again made me realize just how much I actually love this ^^
Bwahahahaha the Hulk!!! <3
Awesome, awesome movie! :D
March 12th, 2012
Wow... 50!? *blins*
BAHAHAHAHAHA! <-- *dies*
I'm overtired and have like 3 coffees in me and that one fact is the funniest thing to me right now you have NO idea XD
Damn... knew it was too good to be true XD Yeah, I want him with Val, just cuz' Val's my favorite <3

P.S. Have an awesome trip!
@TailsTheFoxes Well now, someone's just looking for attention XD
@eternalarrow: Yup. Everything I wanted to say has pretty much been summed up in this one comment XD
I use GIMP and I always find my stuff on Deviantart. :)
Bahaha! XD Epic Face win! *cough* Um yeah, another silent stalker ... I mean reader here XP I agree with KiyaChan, but at the same time I think that would ruin the flow of the story. At least at this moment.But that's my opinion. It's not like I'd complain if that's what's gonna happen XD