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Ha haaa! That third panel is great! XD
I'm loving this comic! :D
@Charliedog: Oh hahaa I didn't know it was that star thingie. Now I know. ^-^
It's going very good so far. ^-^
Only bad thing is that I can't seem to find the add to favourites button. XD
Where is it? Hehe... Guess I must be stupid. :P
See you around!
Haha I'm loving this comic. :D
Haha I love Kenzie's expresion in the last panel. XD
Haha this is actually very funny! XD
@I Heart Artists: Thanks! XD
I'm glad you're liking them!
I won't be able to post tonight's page though... it's too late already and I'm only half the way through it... ;-;
I love your stories!
Sleeping in the car was the wisiest thing to do! XD (specially knowing that Stanley's ghost might be around you haha)
Hahaa! XD
Good to know you're here too! ^-^
Hahaaa XD
Somebody kill Dr Duerf please! XD
This comic is great!! :D
What an incredible job!
Wow great cover! :o
Haha liked it very much!! Make a longer one! :D
I love your art! :)
Oh last page... I hate when this happens! XD
At least he doesn't seem like a bad guy. :P