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dear viewers. Im extremely sorry for the wait. after looking at the comments i felt really bad for just disappearing. The other projects i had been working on got me sidetracked. I have contacted the artist and if all goes well the comic should resume in the new year. however if the original artist is unavialable then i do have another artist that can fill the shoes. Her style is a bit different but its good. but we'll see how things go. thank you again for your support and im really sorry if i disappointed any of you
@Dibblet: Hey everyone i apologise for the very long hiatus. ive been very side tracked with a side project which is a Tumblr ask blog. I really do want to get back into doing this comic and seeing that there is such high demand for its return i'd feel bad if i just left you hanging. so i'll try to get a page out by the end of this month. thats a promise
September 10th, 2015
Sorry for the EXTREMELY long wait. things have been hectic as all hell. on top of finally getting my learner driving license to tons of bills I haven't had much time to get the comic sorted. the original schedule of once a fortnight is kinda out the window at this point. So I'm just gonna try to get content out when i can. i appreciate you guys sticking around for the new pages. I will get a new filler page soon that shows my appreciation
sorry its been a while guys. things have been crazy lately. I promise i'll try to get the next page to you guys sooner
@Felix: awww thank you. im glad you enjoy my comic. New page will be coming soon too
sorry everyone for the long wait. we are going to try to get things back onto a regular schedule. in the mean time i hope you all enjoy this page. I even did the colouring this time while Nalem did the lineart and shading
@Royle McCulloch: great minds think alike i suppose. if you want to develop it i would love to read it one day
@necrolichmon: did you like what you saw so far?
I apologise for the recent hiatus. Nalem has been very busy as of late so she was unable to draw this page till now. I'll try to make it up to you guys
@Royle McCulloch: the end of the month
@Royle McCulloch: basically we need people to design the masks they are holding. there are prizes related to the comic. follow the furaffinity link to find all the details
Hey guys, now you have the chance to leave your mark in the comic. At the moment the ones Bianca and Nathan are holding are blank but that's where you guys come in. We need you to help us create the designs for these masks.

for further details I want you to follow this link:

And good luck to you all.
@Cajun-Thunderstrike: called what exactly?
Here is the coloured version I promised. Also this page is sponsored by Troy Smallwood. thanks Bro
Sorry for the delays everyone. due to certain events in the artists life the comic was suspended till today. sorry for the inconvenience.
@titus: Well thats a very good question. one that will be answered eventually
@Titus: well i'll see what i can weave into the story sometime ^^. oh so you know the comic updates tomorrow and every friday then on. no joke
@Titus: hehe you like them like this huh?
Back In Business
We are finally back and running. Updates will start flowing in every Friday and if you become a Patreon today you'll get to see it a day earlier.

Thank you for all your patience and support. I wont let you down.
Patreon only WIPs
just like the titles of the comment says, you can now get special page WIPs viewable only on the Patreon. pledge and you'll get access to it. simple huh?

Become a Patron today at: