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No matter where my life has taken me, or what I've done that's different, writing has ALWAYS been my passion. I've wanted to be a writer since I was five years old, and truly, I've thought of countless ideas since then. Over the years, I've gotten much better at it, and as soon as high school is over, I plan on getting into the "biz", at least part time. I plan on working with many forms of media, and being a writer, along with one other job, for the rest of my life. For now, I just do whatever time allows me to do. But its my dream. Its GOING to happen. And I will thouroughly enjoy every second of it.

I dabble as a fan fiction writer at fanfictiondotnet. I dabble as a poet and a writer at fictionpressdotcom.
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You mean the stuff in the story is bad, or u drew it bad? It's good!
@J.Kuzzey: Oh, thank you! ^^"
@J.Kuzzey: Thanks! Will u read the rest?
I like how he looks evil.
I also think it looks good!
Thanks for using my idea!
Use the broom handle as a make-shift stake. (It's the most straight-forward and obvious.) Aim for his heart.
Use his anger against him. Make him so enraged he headbuts a wall.
Yeah, this page looks to be the most vivid for obvious reasons.
Linkin' the style of the bullets firing.
I like how the king is ALWAYS serious!! Also, I like the can-gun thing. And pretty much everything else that happened on this page.
Hee, hee. SOMEONE seems to be inspired by Final Fantasy. :)
Oooooh! Mind control!!
Oh. I ment for FLINT to do that last one. (Sorry.)
Domininc: Suddenly, you remember that Father Lemaro is allergic to crabs. You. Know. What. You. Must. Do!!!
(I didn't read the part about the cookies by accident. :P Sorry) Both: Spit the cookies out in Father Lemaro's face, because they're gross. OR spit them on that black ghost looming near the church.

Can I have control of Father Lemaro, now?

F. Lemaro: Perform a cleansing on that ghost.
Both: Take Father Lemaro and his broom, then fly home on it.
Domininc: Dance with the broom.


Dominic: Make-out with the broom.

May I ask for control of Father Lemaro, pleeeeease? :)
Flint: Get pissed off/grossed out that Father Lemaro is coming to your party, and grab the broom and hit him with it!

Dominic: Assume your brother is playing a friendly game with the priest. Join in.

Both: Enter church.