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Your artwork has subtly evolved over the run of PoY and, while it was always good, your grasp of anatomy, gesture and expression is so, so great now. Andy's finger point is brilliant.
Thank you for the clarification! I had completely forgotten Jez had said that after the crazy lady.
To what does the oddity refer? The circumstances of their meeting or that he's trans? That statement is a little confusing and feels a bit insensitive if it is the latter. I get that Peter is still on his journey of growing up, but that sentence feels on the wrong side.
Hey, Gibson! You've probably answered this now than a few times (but I rarely venture into the comments) but what time period does PoY take place in? Or is it purposely slightly ambiguous?
That panel with Lauren's hands and the wastebasket is just gorgeous.
I theorize that they're rehearsing for a play for the Blandford Recreation Centre next Thursday.
@TheComicEdge: I'm sorry if I came across as a jerk in my statements. I'm not very good with people.
@TheComicEdge: Dude. Real talk.
I have clawed, kicked and fought to draw the last twenty pages of my comic after getting laid off from my job and having to move, job hunt every day, fill out endless EDD, WIC and EBT paperwork AND take care of my daughter every day.

I'm not saying anyone's life is easy, no one's is. What I'm saying is, if you don't have anything that ISN'T filler to post, don't post anything.

Quality over quantity.
Dude. 29 pages, and just about every last one is a filler.

That is a poor work habit. If you have time to make nothing but filler, you have enough time to produce actual content.
God help me, I'm subscribing to this.
Closing in on the final ten pages of issue 1! Stay tuned for exciting news about the next issue!
Oh my Gosh, RENET!!!
You really captured the classic Eastman and Laird feel on this page. Love it!
I'm loving your design for April in this. Also, her hair TOTALLY reminds me of the frizz that Judith Hoag rocked in the first film!
Ooh, riffing on Secret of the Ooze with the junkyard hideout! I like it!

...Also, this Shredder didn't seem to make it out as unscathed from that garbage truck as his movie counterpart. º_º
Brilliant start! I just read through the archive and the artwork and storytelling is so great on every page I 5'd every single page!
Looking forward to reading more of this rad comic.
Thank you for sharing it with us all.
I like this so far! It's got a real Mutanimals feel to it. Dean Clarrain would be proud.
So, does this take place after Link's Awakening?
Walking Dead meets Mike Mignola.
@Agent 1024: Carry ALL the balls!