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Graphic Artist by day. Animator going for BFA, and Comic artist by night. Gamer by overnight!
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@MarioKong: Yes, I was a kickstarter backer to get her in there long long ago.
@Aline1: Thank you for understanding. I know it's been a while, but I've been scared on what to do about this for a long time.
@JinxazuMarai: Thank you for understanding. It makes me feel good that other people really liked this.
I apologize everyone.
I just needed to settle this to put my mind at ease. I wanted to get back to this but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Thank you for the support over the time when I worked on this comic.
@Pyroman: I'm sorry it's taking so long. I'm going to return fully in Februrary.
I'll try to get more soon :(
I'm sorry this is taking so long. I have it currently at 70% line art done.
It's 11 pages long... XD
Teaser for the comic >> I apologize for taking so long. Lots of things in the way. >>; I might have to just continue on with the comic reglarly and get back to the special Rival Battle one a bit later. >>; But I have 3 teaser pages I do want to post to show I'm still alive XD
More self esteem issues are holding me back from working on this more often. My birthday is on Monday. I am working on another special Evellee Vs Magnyam comic. However I don't feel like I really deserve to work on it due to the lack of updates. I'm going to go for it still, and just try again to get back on track with the comic here.
And NOW.... back on track.

Let's see...
Some items and objects usually have HP or odd descriptions. I know some pen and paper RPGs like to give objects HP in order to see how destuructble they are to calcuate attacks breaking them.
And world bosses are exactly what it sounds like they are. :P
I'm sorry it took me so long, but I am back!
Next week it'll be back to see what's up with Pyron :)
I wanted to do his instead, but I didn't have as much time lately, and I'm needing to head on a trip later today, so I had to do a quicker one.

I promise that the Pyron one will be worth it!

Also I'll be back on schedule starting next weekend. I'll try to do some extra comics to get caught up. It's been a while and I feel terrible about taking so long.
Sorry these are taking me a while. I have a lot of things I'm juggling and working on.
I also have to renew the comic's subscription here.

Anyway, today's video game lore is based not only on RPGs but on some point and click adventure games. It's kinda obvious, but yes, sometimes you do find crazy things like that when you search deeper :D
@Hikari88: I promise I will ^_^!
Had a bout of loss of faith in my ability lately >>;

I need to learn that not every comic needs to be drop dead hilarious. If you go to any professional comic strip artist, you don't tend to bust out laughing at every single one.

So I fretted and procrastinated at doing this one since the initial rough of it wasn't funny or really well thought out at all... and only to find out when I was finishing it up, I made a few tweaks that I saw... and... well... it actually didn't turn out as bad as it was originally planned. So hopefully in the coming weeks I'll have some faith again in myself.
2nd Year complete! I tripped a bit at the end, but I think I regained my footing.

Overall I didn't progress as much this year, but there were a lot of significant improvements and extra things I did. So hopefully it will make up for me missing a few things.
@SassyThePokemonLover: Yeah :) I would've as well. Accuracy is tops for importance I find XD. I just couldn't think of two stats that could be ALWAYS considered equal in importance.

You'd be surprised how often this happens in games. ^^
And thanks! It's good to be back on a regular update schedule :)
I'm finally back to the comic. The funeral for my grandfather went well. I got back and the cold front has been totally screwing up my room temperature.
When I got back, I got caught up on a whole ton of drawings before finally getting unlazy enough to resume the comic.
I know it's been not as good of a year for the comic as the first year was, but I'm going to definitely make this year much better.
@MiniDragonfly: Evellee screens everyone before they are admitted in. She actually does say "...before I let you join." in the second panel. :) The dungeon... was a random notion she wanted to add in. So I ran with it. XD
@MiniDragonfly: :) I was never expecting him to become a fan favorite in the process, too.
@MiniDragonfly: Yep. ^^ Language barrier!
Take a look and let me know what you think!