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Well, by now I'm only a reader, but I wanna make my own comic. Nintendo stuff is one of my favourite stuff (kirby and pokemon mostly), But also warhammer, books and Pc games like Minecraft. About me?... Well, Always happy, good friend and a little crazy =P And i don't know how continue this. Hope I start my comic soon, and get a few fans, but by now, I have enoug reading.
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Yya! Dedoo is back!
Think I'm gonna prepare some hot chocolate for kirby after this fight, at this rate he'll become an ice cube xD
Daisy.... I hope that machine work well... Also, nice picture xD
What you have in mind author-doo?
Yay! crossover time! ^^
Congratilations about the 300 comic pages and 2 years of awesomeness ^^

and alt text, we read you
You cannot stop author-doo!
Maybe Kirby is very smart, but the others didn't ask the correct questions.

Mmm... from a black hole?
I like to have these links, maybe I don't have too much time to watch the videos as I want, but hey, is nice to have them ^^
Seems like Kiggy it's alittle bit out of control no?
mmm... what are you thinking about Panee?
I think the page is good, and hope you get better (health I mean) =)
Wow, that's an epic face of prof. Juniper. xD
Great one, and you got a big wall of text here no? XD

Oh, and btw, that scene in the comic is the same as extra videos of KSSU no?
I think laitn fit perfectlyas an ancient language. And gretc conversation they have here.
there is never enough meeps
Wait, that's tardis tecnology?
@Fighter Dee: Oh thanks ^^
hum, what will be Gigi hidden to us?... hum