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If you have it find me on Deviant art!
I look forward to seeing you there ;D

I don't really use it too much at the moment but I have a twitter too :

Also if you're an LD fan join us on Facebook! :D

and finally I have TUMBLR too (that I try not to use too often because I get distracted with all the Sherlock XD)

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September 16th, 2017
@dynny18: Haha! Maybe it's my Britishness that has brought it out? I love skins so I guess drawing young teens getting drunk and getting into fights is natural to me.

Really glad you like the comic though, thank you so much :)
@lazy-lil-king: XD ahaha
aahh the walk of shame, something both our countries have in common.
I love it when people point out that I'm wearing the same outfit as the day before. Don't you? I love it almost as much as I love people pointing out that my hair is a mess 'in'all'.

I realised again whilst writing this page that there are a few things Josh comes out with that might seem strange to non British folks so if you ever think 'what the hell is he saying?' please comment and I'll let you know haha
Hey guys and girls, I'm sorry once again for the delays. I know I seem to be doing that a lot lately.
As most of you know, a few months back I suddenly became unemployed. I've recently managed to get myself a job in a game studio however I'm having to relocate in order to work there.
I have never moved before and the whole process is pretty time consuming and scary (who knew so much paper work was required?!) and I'm on a pretty slim time scale in order to do so so I haven't had much time to work on LD.
I will try my best to squeeze in updates as regularly as possible but once again I'm going to have to ask for your patience.
I'm very grateful for how understanding and supportive you all are, I just wanted to keep you in the know.
Thank you and peace x
@BananaMuffinPop: I feel like Josh would like that. Friends with benefits that is.
I think it's just niiice to be niiice, ya know?

Also I'm going to totally call in a favour later on, ya dig?
Another upload tomorrow!

I hope everyone had/is having a great Halloween if you celebrate it :D
I had a most excellent night dressed as Bill from Bill and Ted so I didn't need to bring any soggy boob plasters because I wasn't wearing heels.

Hey Josh, if she chooses to show you her babooshkas you don't owe her anythang.
As promised!

Luckily the punch from bottle from Rocket didn't hit Josh as hard otherwise now he'd have TWO swollen cheek bones. People pay for that kinda of angular face.

Thank you for the good luck wishes! First interview went down well - now waiting on Fridays interview! *fingers crossed*
Because of the delay there will be another update during the week!

Josh? Up before 3pm? Surely not.
My god would I have some fausty ass breath if I was Raine right now.

I have two job interviews this week, wish me luck please! Lord knows I could use it XD
Bobby left his hoodie behind this time, just in case Issac harasses him to leave it in the car again.

Foolish mistake in this British weather!
September 28th, 2016
Sorry for the delay! I've had some job interviews and am somehow super busy doing apparently nothing, like always.
(Seriously I don't know how I am literally always busy)

With Dads like Bryan, who needs asshole room mates?
September 18th, 2016
@lifedreamer: Thank you so much! *exhale* what a relief eh heh heh
September 18th, 2016
@Ingeborg: Possible the first and only time Bobby will ever make that face!
September 18th, 2016
I'll watch you leave out the window...I guess that's why they call it window pane.


Jokes about making sandwiches are funny right?..right?...
September 13th, 2016
We have to stop meeting/parting at my front door like this.

Sorry about the delay guys, my wifi is being a bit of an unprintable text.
Can you smell what the Bry is cooking?

I can. Big ole greazee fry up.

Raine's gonna be well impressed if she sees just quite how big Bobby's grown.
hurrr inappropriate jokes hurrr
@bluesoul1: hahaha the love for them is so strong i'm tempted to draw fan art
@bluesoul1: Crickey. I bet he has some pretty gruesome sex stories that involve Alex.
@Chaos: hahaha Issac will certainly be able to enlighten him with some *cough* sexual adventures.
I love when story barriers cross over!
@CattyD: It is always fun to draw this sassy little muffin