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Interests: Pink fleshy things(humans) murderers wolves Japanese culture oddity/insanity night GIR moon life/death myth/legend/lore differences dragons distortion animals shonen-ai curiosity music rage destroying humanity monsters darkness angels/demons Wolf's Rain vampire muffins dreams/reality implosion water/rain/snow earth/flowers: lillies shiny objects coloring books thoughts/perceptions video games transmutation The Cookie Monster poetry gummybears Nightmare Before Christmas swords/daggers biting OCD Ayumi Hamasaki harps strange noises.
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Hee hee... yes, there is a "too good" to have all at one time or another.
More please.
OwO*Absolutely speechless*
There I go passing out again from an overload of cuteness.-w- Thank you!!>w<
I just wanted you to know that I loved it sooo much that I passed out from not breathing it was so adorable... I woke up and read it again only to pass out again.-w- Thank the gods no one was there, they would have taken me to the hospital. That's how much my family loves me.^w^
...OwO... YAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!>w<
They literally traded blushes.
I carry around my faithful spoon just about everywhere. My vampire cupcake minions will attest to that. Random frying pans are just too awesome.>w< I love it.
It is so adorable. So adorable that I fell out of my chair squeeling.
O_O... what goes on in the mind of Midori-kun?*Panic* I don't know what to think, should I be happy or should I be worried... X_X.*Brain overload.*
*Holds breath in great anticipation.*^w^
Must have tasted real good to the wolf.^w^You make my days so much more tolerable Tania-sama.
Aww. How kawaii!!^w^
Awwww. Come on Prince... remember who saved you.OwO
No. I refuse to accept it. *Starts crying for the first time in seven years.* Noooo *Sob* oooo *Sob* oo!! *Hic*
Aww, he kept Marlin's scale. That's got to mean something right... right. I agree with Antares though, otherwise, this wouldn't be called the Shonen-Ai Fairy Tales now would they.^_^ I refuse to accept that Marlin would be doomed to become sea foam, he's much too adorable.
Poor Marlin, hang in there, Pearl's doing something... though I have no idea what.TwT... where oh where is my First Aid. *Cough* *Poisoning kit* *Cough*
*Daku*Don't give up Marlin!! *Kanashimi*T_T Poor ningyo, love can be so hard sometimes.
X_x.Kish him..o_O
Aww... kish him Marlin!! Kish him with those cute phishie lips of yours.^w^ Kajikimaguro, onushi aikurushii chiisai ningyo.^w^