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I'm a Swedish comics creator who have drawn comics and written stories since I was a child. My main interest besides comics is greek mythology, which inspires many of my own comics. I've also done historical as well as realistic and autobiographical comics. I publish my own fanzine, Agnosis. Some of my inspiration comes from Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze), Tinet Elmgren (Driftwood) and Sussie Bech (Nofret).

Other interests are religion/mythology, history, literature, philosophy and drinking tea. I listen mostly to synth and chiptunes and am very fond of old 8-bit video games.
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    Li Österberg
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The phrase should really be: “Get out, Keres, the Anthesteria is over!” I changed it to ‘ghosts’ so it would be easier to understand. According to Festivals of the Athenians by Herbert William Parke, this was maybe said at the end of the Anthesteria to make sure that all the spirits really left and returned to the Underworld. Though some mean that it should be Kares, not Keres, and that it refers to the Carian slaves that are now sent out to work again when the festival is over.
@AzrielEver: Something like that. ^^
@Avalon: Thank you! <3 I wanted Hades to have at least a few friendly relationships with people in his family, besides Persephone.
@Maryam: Yeah, I think Hades needed to be a bit teased and pressured to better understand his feelings for Persephone.
Hermes first hugged Hades in Nekyia, page 67. ^^

I think that one reason why Hades eventually warmed up to Hermes is that, even if Hermes surely sees Hades as quite an eccentric, he has never made fun of him. And unlike most of the other gods, Hermes doesn’t see the dead as frightening/uninteresting, or that it is somehow below him to have connections to the Underworld.
@Llinwey: Hermes definitely has more experience about these things. ^^
Hermes doesn't totally suck at love advice.
@someone_else: He sure is. ^^
@Llinwey: Don't worry, I won't abandon a comic when I've come this far with it. If I suddenly become silent here, it is a good idea to check my tumblr because I usually update my situation there. ^^

Thank you! <3 I'm so happy to finally be over that damn writer's block. When I can't work on my comics I feel like I have no purpose and almost becomes depressed. It was nice to see my friend, though.
@marcorossi: Persephone is an adult, but she's not independent. She lives in her mother's house, so she sort of belongs to her mother.
@Sidhekin: I understand what you mean. A writer's block is a relatively small problem compared to other things. And I think I'm over it now. :)
Finally I defeated that writer’s block. Thank you so much for your patience, dear readers. <3
@Avalon: Thank you so much! This made me very happy to hear. I have a bit of a writer's block at the moment that I'm struggling to get over, and your comment was really encouraging and made me feel better. <3
@Llinwey: Hermes is indeed enjoying this, but he's also pretty smart. He usually understands when the best thing is to keep his mouth shut.
@RazorD9: Omg... I think you just won the first prize (but of what I'm not sure). XD
In this house we count sex without penetration as real sex (even if the ancient Greeks probably didn’t). ^^

Since Hades hasn’t really felt like this for anyone before, his crush on Persephone causes a lot of anxiety and confusion.
@AzrielEver: Unbelievable!
@Llinwey: Yes, Hermes probably expected Hades to have realized his feelings for Persephone, not that anything actually happened (and nothing probably would have happened if Persephone had not been... Persephone). ^^
I had been looking forward to draw that last panel for so long. ^^