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I'm a Swedish comics creator who have drawn comics and written stories since I was a child. My main interest besides comics is greek mythology, which inspires many of my own comics. I've also done historical as well as realistic and autobiographical comics. I publish my own fanzine, Agnosis. Some of my inspiration comes from Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze), Tinet Elmgren (Driftwood) and Sussie Bech (Nofret).

Other interests are religion/mythology, history, literature, philosophy and drinking tea. I listen mostly to synth and chiptunes and am very fond of old 8-bit video games.
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    Li Österberg
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@LKWayvern: You are right. I have purposefully given Persephone (and my version of Hades) autistic traits. I too am autistic (my diagnosis is Asperger's syndrome), so some of these traits I have taken from myself, but none of them are exactly like me. Like Persephone, I'm quite disorganized and have special interests (drawing in my case), but my sexuality is closer to Hades' demisexuality. I'm really glad you think that Persephone is a realistic portrait of an autistic person. :)
@LKWayvern: Sounds like a wise decision. ^^
@LKWayvern: Yay! Thank you!
@LKWayvern: I don't have anything planned right now, but who knows? ^^
@LKWayvern: Thank you! <3
@Llinwey: Thank you! <3 Glad you liked the page.

I think it might have been a bad decision to make Megaira a black siluett in that panel. I sometimes ink characters like that when they stand in the foreground, but in this case I probably shouldn't have. It does look a bit weird.
Finally I managed to finish this page (I caught a cold last week and it took most of my energy away). To be honest I don’t think it turned out so very well, but right now I just want to get on with the story.
@someone_else: We'll get back to her soon. ^^
@Llinwey: I haven't decided anything yet, but, yes, there is a chance. ^^
@schris: I'm so glad you like her! Aphrodite is a character that always has been quite tricky for me to work with. It took me a long time to come up with a good design for her.
@schris: They have a quite cute sibling relationship in my telling. ^^
@schris: He is not exactly the most likable of my characters. XD
@Llinwey: She maybe hasn't finished it, but she has written quite much.

When I first had the idea to this story I actually planned to include a scene with Melito and Theodorus as well, but I realized after some time that it would be better to focus more on Hades and Persephone. ^^
@Duskmoor: Yes, that was such an embarrassing error. I realized it after I had already uploaded the page. ^^;

Thank you! Glad you like my take on Hades and Persephone. :)
That last part is also a reference to things that happened in Nekyia (but it has no importance for the plot in this story).
@JennyB: She has totally settled down as dead. ^^
@Schris: Yes, I think Hades and Hestia are the only ones who really look like siblings in my version. ^^
Hermes has not been the guide of the dead for so long when this takes place (actually, he got that job in my earlier comic Nekyia), so this sacrificial meal is not yet meant for him specifically.

And speaking of Nekyia, here is Timareta, a character from that comic. ^^
The third and final day of the Anthesteria was the day of the Chytroi ("pots"). "It took its name from the cooking utensil in which a mixture of all kinds of vegetables was boiled in daytime. This was not meant to be a meal for the living. Instead it was offered to Hermes of the Underworld on behalf of the dead, and no members of the household took part in this meal which was meant to placate the hostility of the departed" (Festivals of the Athenians by Herbert William Parke).
@Llinwey: It makes me happy to hear that. <3