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I'm a Swedish comics creator who have drawn comics and written stories since I was a child. My main interest besides comics is greek mythology, which inspires many of my own comics. I've also done historical as well as realistic and autobiographical comics. I publish my own fanzine, Agnosis. Some of my inspiration comes from Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze), Tinet Elmgren (Driftwood) and Sussie Bech (Nofret).

Other interests are religion/mythology, history, literature, philosophy and drinking tea. I listen mostly to synth and chiptunes and am very fond of old 8-bit video games.
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    Li Österberg
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@RazorD9: Hestia doesn't speak much of course, but she has a very warm personality so it's always nice to be around her (not to mention all the delicious food and cookies that you get to taste). ^^
Demeter and Hades are not close. Just like Zeus, Hera and Poseidon, Demeter sees Hades as pretty weird, frustratingly introverted and cold at times, but reliable and possessing some admirable qualities. I imagine that they once had a fight when they were younger and Demeter wanted Hades to return her dead lover Iasion to her, which Hades refused since it was against the rules and he had to remain impartial. But she doesn’t hate him or anything like that.
@bbb35: Hm... I have to confess that I haven't really thought about this. You're right that she should be immortal, but I imagine that their marriage wasn't so very happy, so they are probably not seeing each other anymore.
@bbb35: She usually isn't right behind him when he's about to cheat.

In my version Minos wasn't really cursed. His wife only SAID that she had cursed him, and Minos didn't dare to do anything in case it was actually true.
@bbb35: Mostly embarrassing, none of them were aggressive, but I still think that people are a bit scary when they're drunk.
@bbb35: Nyx creeps him out because she's so very old and powerful, and seems to be able to reproduce without a man. Probably also because she's an Underworld goddess.
@bbb35: That part is indeed quite creepy.
@bbb35: Yes, it's the Chariclo that later became the mother of Tiresias.
@bbb35: Oh, she's not sad. She's crying out of relief that it's over. ^^
@bbb35: He is quite memorable. XD
@bbb35: That's because he suspected that she was right behind him.
@bbb35: I don't think I have seen my mother drunk, either. I've seen my father and stepfather drunk, though. Not fun.
@bbb35: Aphrodite has power over him, so he fears her. He's afraid of Nyx too, but for other reasons.
@bbb35: Not to mention the story of Paris and Helene...
@bbb35: Haha! XD
@bbb35: Minthe thinks that all men want to have sex all the time, and if they don't, something must be seriously wrong. :(
@bbb35: "Sisters, someone is calling our name! ... ... Someone is calling us fat bitches!" XD

They were probably quite near Hades' room, heard Minthe talking with a loud, angry voice, and decided to see what was going on.
@bbb35: Me too! It's so cute. ^^
@bbb35: Yeah, Marsyas should never have picked up that flute. :(
@bbb35: Oh? I haven't seen that. ^^