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I'm a Swedish comics creator who have drawn comics and written stories since I was a child. My main interest besides comics is greek mythology, which inspires many of my own comics. I've also done historical as well as realistic and autobiographical comics. I publish my own fanzine, Agnosis. Some of my inspiration comes from Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze), Tinet Elmgren (Driftwood) and Sussie Bech (Nofret).

Other interests are religion/mythology, history, literature, philosophy and drinking tea. I listen mostly to synth and chiptunes and am very fond of old 8-bit video games.
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    Li Österberg
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And so this long day is coming to an end.
I was going for some wedding symbolism here, since young women who died before their marriage sometimes were called “bride of Hades”, but it would have been more correct (for ancient Greece) if he had led her by the hand or taken her on his chariot.
@Llinwey: Thanks! I thought so, too. ^^
The kind of gate that Hades usually creates is drawn from a Mycenaean tholos tomb.
@AzrielEver: You know, I actually had the idea that Persephone's reputation would precede her among the dead in the Underworld. ^^
@Llinwey: That's right. DeviantArt has the first version of Destroyer of Light, and Smack Jeeves has the edited, finished version. Same thing with Nekyia, Hero Bones, and Daddy's Girl. The reason for that is that I started publishing my comics here much later than on DeviantArt, so some of the comics were already finished and edited by then. I usually edit a comic a bit after it's finished. Adding or deleting some scenes.
@below_et_almost: This made me so happy to hear. Thank you so much and welcome to my crazy project! <3 <3 <3
@L: Yes, in the world of the Greek gods, she can be both. :)
@Llinwey: Ten or twenty more pages wouldn't be a problem, if the scenes feel relevant for the story, and I still hope that I can include most of them.

You're right that the scenes that don't fit in not necessarily need to be scrapped. They could be included in the next comic instead. For example, there is one scene with Hades and Hermes that I'm really fond of and really want to include in this comic, but it might be better to save it for the next one. We'll see. ^^
@Sidhekin: Hi! And welcome! Glad you like my comic. :)

I hope I will be able to include most of the scenes I had in mind, but some of them may be unnecessary and ruin the pace of the story. On the other hand, when I have edited my comics I have more often added pages than deleted pages...
@Llinwey: Hehe, sorry. ^^
I'm still a bit unsure about the script for the rest of the comic. I've realized that I maybe can't include all the scenes I had in mind, since I'm soon on page 120 already.
Even a dead person can see that Persephone is your wife, Hades.
@Llinwey: Yes, it must be. ^^

Thank you!
@AzrielEver: That would actually be scary as hell. XD
As I’ve mentioned before, restless dead were associated with birds of prey - and particularly with nocturnal raptors such as the owl - so I thought it would be fun if Erigone could appear as an owl-like creature.
@Qui Audet Adipiscitur: Thank you! I will. <3
@tacocat: Thank you! I'm so glad you like it. <3
@Llinwey: Thank you! <3 I worked hard on the expressions and the variation of angles on this page, that's why it took a bit longer than usual. Hopefully, the next page will be up a bit sooner. ^^
Aletis and Erigone is the same person, but Aletis was the name by which Hekate knew her.
@AzrielEver: Yes, she needs some time to prepare herself mentally.