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I'm a Swedish comics creator who have drawn comics and written stories since I was a child. My main interest besides comics is greek mythology, which inspires many of my own comics. I've also done historical as well as realistic and autobiographical comics. I publish my own fanzine, Agnosis. Some of my inspiration comes from Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze), Tinet Elmgren (Driftwood) and Sussie Bech (Nofret).

Other interests are religion/mythology, history, literature, philosophy and drinking tea. I listen mostly to synth and chiptunes and am very fond of old 8-bit video games.
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    Li Österberg
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@someone_else: Yes, a satyr maybe could do it. But otherwise I doubt that it's possible. XD
It was Dionysos who earlier introduced the joke that if your erection is hard enough, you can balance a drinking cup on it (inspired by a vase painting of a satyr doing just that, by the way).
@someone_else: Thank you! I'm so glad you think so. <3
This is one one of my favorite passages from the Sumerian texts related to the sacred marriage ritual. It’s just so beautiful.

Phew! Those sex scenes were really a challenge to draw. I’m so glad to draw people just sitting and talking (well, mostly) again. ^^
Those two quotes come from two different texts, both connected to the sacred marriage ritual. I’ve taken the translations from The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature. I took the liberty to change “my lady” to “his lady” in the first text (which it also says in my Swedish translation).
@Hogan: Could be. Or something else.
@Hogan: It was perhaps a bit... hypocritical. XD
@ThogtheMighty: Oh, thank you! Glad you like my interpretations of the Greek gods and their crazy adventures. :)
Aphrodite is citing from a Sumerian text about the sacred marriage of Inanna and Dumuzi. These texts were written as songs and this part was maybe sang by a choir of sorts during the ritual. I used the English translation made by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer.
@Libitina: Hi! I'm really glad you like my art, and that you think that I've done a good job with this sex scene so far. The character's expressions are very important to me and I worked very hard in this scene to get them somewhat right (Hades may be older and bigger, but he is the less experienced one here. ^^).

Thank you very much for your comment. <3
@someone_else: Thank you! <3
@AzrielEver: The dead were perfect for adding a bit of comic relief. ^^
I honestly never expected this page to give me so much trouble. If you have followed me for a while, then you know that I’ve had sex scenes in my comics before, but they have usually just taken up a couple of panels. However, for this comic I wanted to extend those scenes a bit, since it is the first time that Hades and Persephone engage in a sexual act together. I also assumed that after all the build-up, people would want to see more than just a couple of panels. I certainly wanted to draw more than that.

But of course, as soon as I tried to draw it all the doubts came back and I started to wonder if an extended sex scene really was needed. Or if I should write it totally different. Well, now I have decided that I’m drawing it anyway. I can always go back and change it later if I want.
@H.: He (or I should say "they" since my version of Dionysos doesn't identify as male) changes clothes quite often. Maybe they spilled wine on them? ;)

Oh, TV Tropes? I saw a few years back that someone had created a page for my comic Destroyer of Light there. I felt really honored. Glad you like my comics! :)
@H.: I really hope that the children's wine was mixed with plenty of water... XD
@H. : Heh heh! Dionysos is wearing a long-sleeved chiton, himation, and leopard skin. It was inspired by this vase painting: tml
So it's not Mycenaean. ^^
@someone_else: Oh, sorry. Sometimes it's hard to tell if people are just joking or being serious. ^^;

Zeus definitely isn't one of my favorites, either, even if he has his good sides.
@someone_else: But keep in mind that if Zeus hadn't done what he did, we wouldn't have the fabulous wonder that is Dionysos (in this version).

All Greek gods have two sides to their personality. None are completely beneficent or completely maleficent. That's why there is no need of a devil.
Seriously, did you think Aphrodite would delay them in some other way? ;)
We were first told of how little Persephone scratched her arms in my older comic Destroyer of Light.

In some respects, Persephone is much stronger and more independent than her mother thinks. But she also is a bit dysfunctional when it comes to certain things.