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December 16th, 2007
The overlap part is decidedly worrying but I'm sure there must be some enlightened debate about cat porn somewhere. If not, come to my new IRC channel, PussyTalk.
September 30th, 2007
Thats no moon! You've just had an idea; it takes time for ideas to filter through the Jewfro so the light stays there for ages.
September 24th, 2007
Is the secret ingredient love?
Actually I'm probably a relativist and moral relativist; a mixture of views.
I personally nominate myself to perform this experiment
I'm offended. my breasts are at least DD
Now that's entertainment!
Terry Wogan should narrate and maybe put Ant and Dec on the island?
Lookout, Maths!
The unit for the gradient of this graph would be the morality per second, or ms^-1. Now you have to ask yourselves, "Why do they use that for speed then?" The obvious answer is, the more speed you do the higher your rate of change of morality.
I question whether this "Doctor" has the necessary qualifications to be a beverage.
Cunningly disguised obviously. "It's a trap!"
It's what I looked like when I was younger. Here's a picture of me:
Perpetual Evil
Villains who actually use this algorithm, whilst vastly superior to other villains who laugh by intuition, often get trapped in what scientists know as "The Eternal Laugh".
Odd side effect of the Principle of Linear Momentum
First comic for a while; thought it should be a physics one. Don't know why I did it but if you look closely the 4th baby only has one eye and the 5th has three; obviously the force of collision.
May 4th, 2007
800 years?! That's a whole lot of rape
We'll be fine
There are two things which you can use a copyrighted or trademarked item for and you can't be sued:
1) Displaying of the name
2) Parody

Long live freedom of the press!
Ninja's lead a crummy life when you get down to it.
The Series
This marks the beginning on a series of games that aren't fun to play on your own.