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Nikkori San
I'm 26 years old, and have been an avid reader anime watcher since i was 10 years old. Have been involved with art and drawing for as long as i can remember. Hobbies include video games, reading, playing with my puppies and cat, and relaxing with friends.
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Nikkori San
November 27th, 2013
32 is up!!
yes yes, i know, i've been gone for a loong time... but i'm ready to get things going again. enjoy! and yes, Hikari's condition will soon be revealed :D
oh summer days, how we miss you...
soon, a new page will be coming, til then, enjoy this pic!
I predict... Samsol gives Tommy some of his shaman powers, so that Tommy won't die :o Wonder if that happens, will samsol still be immortal? Or if Tommy will be too :o
Last page for a bit, mini hiatus ^^
Well, i was hoping i'd have a creativity burst before this update, but that didn't happen, currently have no backup pages sketched or plotted out right now... so will be taking a small break, prolly about two or so weeks, to seriously crack down on drawing out some pages and getting them ready for release. For readers who have been following, i thank you for your patience, and please, don't be afraid of leaving comments, or questions about the characters or things like that, there is also the FB page, feel free to openly discuss SPIRIT BURST on there as well. I know I don't have much story up yet, but if people want to send in fanarts, i will post them up as they come in, just remember images cannot exceed 500kb.

Well, untill then, I shall keep you updated, may submit something next week even if its not a comic page, so please, keep checking in! SB will not fall to the wayside, but i'll keep going at my own pace. ^^
Well, here's page 30 o_o need to get a jump on drawing more pages, so may be delays in the next week or so, but yes! more mystery ahead folks!!
almost forgot.. >_>;;
Sorry i'm late this week guys, almost forgot! and here is the page! Forgive me!
page 28!
here we go! page 28 on time :3 I know some people are asking what Hikari's condition is, and its going to be coming up, I promise. You won't be in the dark too much longer. :3
page 27 :3
Ok, i got over the "hill" of a page, some positions can be soooo hard to plan out, still not 100% happy with it, but it works.. Well, you'll see when the page comes out. ^^ Well, for now, here is page 27, enjoy!!
one more week ^^
Sorry, i know i promised a page this week, but i need a little more time, so to tide you over, a shot of Hikari!
@Aly: heh heh, its only been online for a year, and i haven't updated as much as I should, but i try my best. ^^ and thank you for your kind words :3 truely appreciated!!!
Holiday Break
For a little bit I'm going to take a short break, until January 8th, which is my birthday. If I've caught up enough to post, there maybe an update the week of the 8th, or it shall pick up again on January15th. Well, until then, hope you all had a good Christmas, or whatever holiday you may celebrate, and have a good new year, and rest of your winter breaks! Nikkori, signing off! <3
Nikkori San
December 26th, 2012
Happy Holidays Spirit Bursters!
A little late I know, but hey, its the holidays! Hope you all are having a wild and fun holiday, and that you got one or two awesome presents for Christmas, I know I did! Yay Cintiq 12wx! Well, my Photoshop is still down, but I think I may have it back up and running before this week is through. So, for now, enjoy the update, and have a good rest of your holiday, and an awesome New Year!
Nikkori San
December 17th, 2012
May be a delay after next week...
Page 25 is up! There may be a bit of a delay after next week's update, my photoshop will not load up at all. I don't want to post unfishished pictures, so it may be a bit... or i'll post some other things i have up. Enjoy!
Nikkori San
December 15th, 2012
hee hee, oh, just wait til he is formally introduced :3 creeper is an understatement ^^
ty! there will be more funnies along the way... mostly Hikari and Yumi picking on Satoru :3 Even though the two aren't brother and sister, they sure fight like it on occasion. ^-^
@Danny: i don't really have any specific technique.. what i'm doing now compared to waht i did before... i used to use the wand to select the whole area, lines and all, for an area, and color the area in. I'm using a mouse, as my drawing pad was killed... hopefully i'll be getting a new one for christmas/birthday... but yea.. probably doesn't help i do this stuff when i'm tired XD I also haven't had any sort of training/tutoring of the program to its fullest exent, so whatever i do, i come upon accidently... XD
getting into it
aaand we are coming up on our first bit of interesting in the next few pages... what will it be? keep reading to find out! :3
haha, i have my own kitty... a siamese mix *i think with ocicat... but not sure, she has a spotty pattern in her light fur... * she hasn't attacked her tail since she was a kitten, but it was the funniest thing in the world to watch... she'd grab it with her claws, let out a angry mew, and them leap 2 feet into the air, and look sooo baffled about what just happened, and then... repeat process XD
SpiritBurst Author
LOL flame on, apply directly to the forehead XD And yaay, stutters isn't gonna die! :D Hopefully his distraction was long enough that Tommy can be saved. :(
Spirit Burst Author
oh noes.... well, at least he wasn't a sniveling coward in the end.....