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I like girly men, pretty architecture, and making shitty comics in my spare time. Common hobbies include but are not limited to asshattery and douchebaggery. I curse and rationalize a lot. I'm also very prone to shock, which can also be interpreted as sarcasm, hence the frequent usage of the word 'wow'.
My sense of humor can be easily classified as terrible.
I'm fifteen.
This whole comic shit is tough business.
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I love your style so much ;o; It's so adorable <33
@chubby: my sarcasm and my humor in general is just
i know

I'm sorry that I made you sad! ;A; i never said it was going to be happy,,
Thanks again to all of you, I can't stress enough how much I love you all ;A; <3333
@Rikasha: Oh no problem! Thanks for asking <3
@Rikasha: As much as I don't really want to have to give everything away, I fear I might have to for everyone to understand lol
what just went down:
Cameron loves Johani. Johani doesn't talk to him, thinking he's a gloomy gus.
Cameron believes that Johani is in love with him, so pages 1-15 are his fantasies. He doesn't believe that he could love Johani without hurting him, so here at the end, he doesn't even bother to go up and talk to him.

does it make sense i'm sorry for making a confusing comic ;-;
The End!
Thanks guys! It's been a fun adventure :3
Thanks for reading my comic and just putting up with me for about a week and a half!

I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may or may not have!
They can be about the comic, what the fuck just happened, or even about me if you like. c:
@chubby: cameron is a bitch lol
I'll be home in about an hour to upload the last page. :3
Aww, he's such a cutie pie ;w;



p.s. his signature is fucking stupid lol
i drew the j but it fucked up so i just scribbled and everything turned to shit
@chubby: nope not the end

getting there

Do you want me to finish it today or tomorrow? there are only two pages left lol
so then i'm pretty much 150% sure everyone hates me now LOL
I'd love to indulge you in answers to any questions you may have

at the end of the comic.
This can happen either today or tomorrow, it's up to you guys. <3
Thanks for putting up with my douchebaggery. :3
@chubby: am i an asshole for not updating anything until tomorrow y/y

You'll figure it out
Ahh, I love you guys. <333
Decided to add a new page because why the fuck not
Thank you all you guys! There are only three pages left to this! <33

More updates tomorrow~ <3
@chubby: Oh no, I'm not complaining either. :3
The thank you picture is up in the extras section~!
@clockworkkefferson: The douchiest. <3
Not sure if you could tell, but when he dropped his cigarette, he picked up Johani's turtleneck. He tied it and wrapped it around his neck and this happened,,,
Also, thank you all for 20 fans! I'm working on a thank you pic right now!~ It'll go in extras, though, and I think it might be NSFW. .u.
@chubby: Cameron is an eternal Squidward. :u
That cigarette is going STRAIGHT ONTO THE FLOOR
but it isn't going to do much lol
no fires brah
no fires
I liked his turtleneck :'c

And thanks for 18 fans! We're actually almost done! I have one more page for today that I'll upload later at night. <3
Thank all of y'all for sticking with me and my story~ <3