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Hello~ ^^
I'm just your average nerd..and then some *w*
Sorry, I'm bad with words.. ;w;
So. I'm just gonna hush now
Welcome Back~
Sync~ *w*
This sketch looks great<3
A possible seme in the making? *A*
I can't wait to see *excite,excite*
Clive~ *w*
This is really cool<3
I still haven't gotten past animating a bouncing ball correctly ;w;// *goes back under her rock*
Has all of my love <3
Shi~ *A* /bricked jk jk
He's really beautiful *A*
I feel bad that he got burned >n>;; *has accidentally burned herself on a stove many times* On the same hand..
Anyway, I like him already >w</
=w=bb I love everything about this page<3~
You're so good at drawing these scenes
Glad you got to vent your anger owo
Noo Jeff ;A;// DON'T GO *clings to him forever* There's still time, I'm sure you can find a uke to change your mind. EVERYONE LOVES COOL GUYS ;A;b *SHOT*
I hope you feel better Feruru QnQ

@Miss-llama28: Yes, yes<3 Steven stop Jeff yes QwQb I support this plan.
I shall ship these two forever <3 They look so cute together here. I love the coloring. I agree with Feruru, I usually draw clothes on my characters because I suck at anatomy too =w=/
Once a hottie, always a hottie =w=b
The clothes are great<3
Ahaha..Poor Parker XD
Aww, he's so cute >w<
He sounds like a nice guy<3~
Confession time~ >w<
Ah karma, it's always funny when it happens to someone else~ -w-/

Ah, poor Silva~ Hang in there =w=/
Congratulations on being accepted!
Ahh~ Gotta love how supportive Peep is X3<3
Man up Kaleb!
Aw Kaleb XD
The suspense! OAO
Poor Clive.. ;~;
Ooh noo D:
What shall become of the happy couple?

This is great >w<
I love when there's trouble in paradise~
I hope those two can bounce back from this, they're an adorable couple ;w;b
When you say mutton, I'm thinkimg..
Lamb Chops! XD
I've never had it before..
I kind have an affliction with eating anything cute ;w;/

Come, you'll be safe under my wing Bo =w= *bricked*
Bo's adorable *A*/
I'd love a big aquarium *w*
Sync looks cool and calm<3
Go for it~
I missed the reply button the first time..haha..

@KamiChoco: I think we're still open for admissions ^^. Just click on "Apply as a Co-Author" and follow the prompt. Then you should back from FLEFFI (she's the founder of the comic >w<) Good Luck!