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I've too much time upon these hands and dabble in the creative art of webcomics, mulling along until update days abide.
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Is that the lamp? :/
HOW IS IT HIS FAULT, FOR GODS SAKE. getting real tired of your crap buddy.
At least no one will live to tell of his soft spot
Jeez Lucky, you really can not hold your meal
Intelligence is a lacking virtue
December 9th, 2012
Its okay. This is the sort of webcomic I can wait forever for.
<3 sublime as usual
November 18th, 2012
Awe, now I am happy <3
@BlackTuesday: I am sorry! I just thought that one would be better. The eater doesn't really make sense unless you were to introduce it later on as background plot.
So. Stoked. Man.
The Eater? Not terribly accurate, is it? More like "il cremisi mietitore"
An Update <3 yay
Gnee <3
ooohhhhh~ its going down now <3
after coming so far </3 haha, you'll be fine
I really like this :)
I would have punched them in the face... Luckily for me I am finding myself more comfortable with who I am.
Ahhh yay <3
Well, fuck...