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I'm an avid lover of manga and doujinshi ^_^

So I, myself is a manga author and a fiction/fanfiction author XD

When I read your manga, you'll get criticized, but don't take it as offensive, it only means I like your manga and I wanted it to improve for the better.
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@Kyrie: (v^~^)
Good job on the comedy ^_^
This is the only manga I'm still reading right now(still can't find a manga more interesting) ^_^ so you can't avoid my criticisms. But its for your own good as an author.

1. GIRL: "There are so many weird people in this world" must be, "There are so many weird people in this world." or "There's so many weird people in this world." - proper punctuation marks are a necessity.

2. BOY WITH ARMBAND: "Why took you so long?" must be, "What took you so long?"

3: The word CLOYING, that word is rarely used, some audience might get confused if its an actual word. You may use 'too sweet'
example: "Stop being too sweet!"

All in all the plot and characters are great and unique :D
When she asked: "So you think is not serious Ah?"
it's supposed to be: "So you think it's not serious, eh?" don't capitalize unnecessarily ^_^
that's all
@delryyy: LOL
January 29th, 2012
how beautiful ^_^
love it!