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It's cute that Ed has faith in Liam. Too bad Liam can't have faith in Ed :/
Ed's face in the 3rd panel is amazing!
Man he deserves to have a whiney brat clinging on to him. I can't believe he would cheat. I am disappointed in Ed. And for Liam to know and be like oh well just really grinds my gears! Haha. Love the story though and can't wait to see the reunion! =D
Haha I was just thinking this would look really weird in their animal forms and read your comment. Made me chuckle :)
I think Seb is starting to like Scuttle <3
Awwwwwwww soooooooooooo cute!
Ursula looking really confused because he's just sprouted boobs and gotten fat like the Disney character. The idea randomly popped into my head and made me chuckle :p
Or Ursula meeting the Disney one and being all O_o
Melty Ariel is sooooooo adorable!
And bless Prince Erics litle cotton socks. He's so clueless :)
Awww such a cute page, and Andi lied about the "Life is Good." He really told Marcus he loved him in high school. So cute!
Awww Kaori is soooo cute. I love how he's playing in his granddads tails :)
Omigosh the last panel was sooooooooo cute! =D
I love Hermes even if he is a bone head so I don't mind reading a chapter focused on him :)
Haha! I love it =D
My friend's done a fic about the height rule.
Awwww the Penguin is sooo adorable!
Awww a penguin <3
That would cheer me up no end!
FFXIII being on the PS3 was the only reason I kept my Sony fangirlness, and now I find it's going to Xbox, I'm probs gonna get one of them instead now -.-

And yay just wanna say I love the comic, it makes me laugh :)
1. I'd love to read the future pages of Never Lasting Love because I love your art work and I am a big fan of your story and Yaoi so the two together would be perfect
2. That Pierre remembers who Louis is and for Pierre to be nicer to Louis. Also for Louis to find a sweet boyfriend because I some how doubt that Pierre is going to confess his undying love, even though that would be romantic =^w^=
3. Louis because he's a real sweetie and just so loveable!
Awwwwwww *dies of cuteness*
I used to love Hermes, now I don't. He's mean!!!!! Poor Andre *hugs*
I'll marry you Kai!
I've always liked the Beast, especially in Disney's version, where he gives Belle a library ^w^
Awwwwww so cute! I love it =D