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LoveMeAlways :D

1. Yaoi
2. Anime
3. Reading/writing
4. swimming
5. T.V
6. Video Games
7. SUGAR!! (sweets basically)

I'm 17 and and I'm hyper and love sweets. I'm practically the a mix of all the ukes from from Junjou Romantica put together!! But I'm mostly like Misaki, I think ^^ (if only i could be the Misaki in the anime so I could be with Usagi-san...oh my sweet sexy bunny usagi...*nosebleed*) sorry my fantasies got the best of me. Anyway, as you can tell by my favorites and what I wrote above....I LOVE YAOI!!! I'm either reading yaoi comics on this site or reading gay love novels/stories on or I'm writing gay love stories for quotev.

I'm down-to-earth and will love you for you :D
Well, byez, gotta go read more boys love xD

If you like reading gay love stories...please go read these:

please and thank you ^^

Tbh i am so confused and have been for awhile...but i still love the comic :)

Could you maybe post a summary of the chapter/characters after awhile?.....i just struggle to follow along sometimes with the names and they look so much like their ancestors which I suppose is what you wanted to do...anyway just a suggestion. Other readers may not need to want it
I really hope jude didnt know about this...if so i am super disappointed in him
he needs to stop staring at maidou. if he has something to say, say it...i get a feeling kaidou is about to ask him what is on his mind is a second
YAY! They are back together :)
are you and zeroshark the same person? or related? or some other relationship? just curious....I have a feeling you wont answer the question and it will be a mystery for years
I never noticed....
*goes back to look for scratch/bleeding*
Pg. 40 - he gets the scratch
Pg. 41, 42, 44 - you can see the scratch on his shoulder.

Also, I'm not sure if you missed it or it is just the angle, but the scratch isn't there on pg 43 or in some panels.
I think he is remembering why he came over in the first place
@Nadishko: oh okay thanks. I'm glad I get to keep reading this comic
I'm bit unclear. So you are going on a long hiatus to work on the book you are publishing for this comic right? But are you not going to be updating on here anymore? Or tumblr?
No worries Mama...
personally, as much as i love yaoi, i like the plot to develop first. even if that takes a few chapters. I mean you have to set the story and background etc. and once you get into that, the yaoi is ten times better than just meaningless sex and kissing. So take your time honeybun <---(sorry idk where that name for you can from but it just came to me)
I laughed way harder than I should have at his lack of knowledge about incubi
@Guest: that is true but nadishko wrote apologies not apologise.
I agree with shadowpen and s.s

Do what you gotta do. could you put it on inkblazers or its own site though pls? not tumblr, i know you are still considering but sometimes it is harder to read on tumblr, like in order i mean
these two are just too f***ing cute!!

Also, Happy (belated) Birthday :)
@Crimson Chains: Oooooooo! I cant wait! ^__^
@MegaAnimeFreak7: LITERALLY LMAO!!
@*milk+assassin*: okay, he can be your baby, and my hubby...all works right? :P
@Dusty Ducky: never read it actually :/ sounds cool though
found the comic today and love every bit of it :) :) :)
LoveMeAlways :D
September 27th, 2014
@Kimmikala: That's fine. We all had to head back to school and work so we are all short of free time. We understand. I'm just had to see your updates (^_^)