Hey! SB here! I love photography, and enjoy drawing and dreaming.

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...thanks to everyone who stuck through the whole Advent series, that was really taxing, but I managed to get it done AND tack on this bonus comic. <3 I hope you enjoyed this little series of daily OC nonsense and hope you stick around for more of the same, with less intensity of updating. xD
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Born October 31st, 1964. Happy birthday, Kyoso!

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A certain aristocratic android's birthday is coming up veeeeery sooooon...
If Roth wasn't nervous about swarms of bees before....he probably is now.
Comic Debut
Aaron's Daily Adventures...probably won't update daily. But the name does mean you'll get a look into the daily nonsense these goofballs go through. I hope you'll enjoy their stories as they unfold!
I really think Aaron needs to see a doctor about these blackout episodes... |D
I literally keyboard spammed for the first couple lines, ehehehe. Sorry to disappoint. ;)
@guest: Really slowly because of school, but yes. I intend to keep this going as long as I'm able, up unto completion. xD
Cliffhangers and changes of pace because [evil laugh].
@MRZ: Charcoals on gray paper. Lotsa fun. <3
Whoa, a new chapter! Been a while, huh? *scheming grin*
Continuing the experimentation with traditional media (with a bit of digital tweaking!)
Traditionally-drawn for
Next week's strip's gonna be a liiiittle different...just for giggles. >u>
For time's sake, I'm jumping back to classic three-panel because as much as I love the final manga-style pages, they take way too long to consistently update ;2;

On a happier note, happy 2015, all y'all! <3
Something to know about Koujiro is that he has a culinary obsession, of sorts... carrying little packets of condiments is abnormally typical for him, just to start. >w> But that is a story for an entirely different time~