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Hey! SB here! I love photography, and enjoy drawing and dreaming.
Spectras are small creatures the size of crows. Their size, feathers/fur, diet, and colors vary depending on the habitat they live in - in this case, the subtly-hued Wood Spectra blends itself in with similar foliage and greenery. Their diet is composed primarily of insects, berries, and certain types of leaves. They are capable of flight, but are most often seen hopping from branch to branch with their small-but-powerful legs. Like birds, they have hollow bones that allow them to move so nimbly and take flight. Hunting and foraging for food most often occurs at dusk and dawn under the cover of low light. Wood Spectras tend to live in very small colonies in the hollows under tree roots and in decayed logs and stumps, often in groups of roughly 4-8 members. Aside from their natural behavior living in the forest, they also serve with the many other species of Spectra to assist angelic beings like Ace, Kita, and Hokkou when things fall out of balance.

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WHEW. Finished, and just barely. I swore Photoshop was going to nuke itself on me before I even got it saved and converted. D: Anywho, this is the not-so-tentative design for Koujiro's eerie Jackal-type Zoid - the Etherhund. This is its "Mirage Form" - which it takes on during the day. It currently lacks weaponry and relies heavily on powered-up biting and slashing moves (not unlike the basic Liger Zero.) This form is capable of doing a lot of damage if it can avoid taking too much itself and has a spooky exterior to bluff away potential opponents. Still working on its unusual history and specs.

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Edited and re-submitted this old artwork. I'd almost forgotten all about it. :0
Mosasledge never gets enough love...

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For fun, some art of my beloved Cenarion War Hippogryph. I adore this mount, as I've always loved WoW-style Hippogryphs. I'm looking for a way to at least get the Silver Covenant Hippogryph someday - the white and pale blue coloration is absolutely stunning. One day. Maybe. Does this game even still exist...? |D

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Kyoso, dressed up as.... himself. _A_, And...way early... (Yeees, it's old artwork, shhhh...)

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Aaron Asher, not very long after his escape and recovery from the laboratory. He had found a Leoblaze and repainted it and named it Rebel. This was one of the earliest signs of humanity, naming an "inanimate" object. Aaron found a connection with Zoids because they were also mechanical beings that were primarily "used" as he was - fighting, attacking, killing. Rebel and he were close (though he never showed it till much later) and relied on each other for help and strength.

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Alternate color theme here, the Jade Saix:

Nothing much to say, I love the Saix and wanted to make a custom color version artwork. ^^ I kind of prefer this to the Jade Saix, but I like them both, honestly.

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The re-uploaded old art of the KitaKaze Command Wolf. This picture is OLD. I mean, I couldn't find it because it was a .PSP file - Paint Shop Pro, which I haven't used for YEARS and totally forgot I had.*
This version shows the Zoid in its full colored glory, with all of its armor (wings included) - other pictures don't do it the full justice.

* Again, this remark was made in the early 2010s, so this is...waaay old. ouo;;;

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Aaron Asher's Zoid, Chaotic Fury - a customized black Blade Liger.
Aaron, as an android, is capable of fusing directly with the core either via wires in the cockpit or even inside the core itself, much like an Organoid. The latter is often more dangerous but allows much better intuitive reflex and exchange of energy.

Also overheating. D:

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Done for the Zoids Fan Anthology, now with updated watermark.

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A prototype rebuild of the Genosaurer, the Proto Saurer comes with a CPC that operates on unstable plasma particles. Only one was safely produced, and by "safely", I mean it didn't go on a rampage killing everyone. No one was able to pilot it without being harmed in some way, so it remains constrained until a suitable pilot may be found. It is still under serious construction.

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One of my awesome watchers mentioned this piece, which is pretty old (I drew it some years ago*) - it's Keith Rael as a young child (before he dyed his hair all wonky colors), spending the holidays in an old car up on blocks while his family argued angrily over a festive meal.

Though he has a much perkier attitude as a young man now, Keith had a very rough past of abuse and neglect - the fingers on his left hand are poorly bandaged in this picture after being slammed and broken in the car door by his bully brother. They would later have to be amputated. He's worn a glove over prosthetic fingers on his hand ever since.

* This was noted back in 2011, which means it's at least a few years older than even that!

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Keith Rael, standing near Leukos, his Command Wolf.
Keith is a friend of Aaron and company - he's a lead vocal and electric guitarist of a rock band named Deadbeat Mile. He had a rough childhood, but grew up very independent and self-sufficient. ...I should draw more serious Keith art. He's kind of an underdeveloped character of mine.

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Yes, LUAU.

When the GS LUAU was in production, some of the employees in charge of its lightweight design chose the name in part as a joke. Because it carries so little weaponry and armor, it doesn't take many hits and is best used in quick attacks or long-range sniping missions. This caused some joking about how it's pretty, but cheap and breakable like the fancy drink umbrellas you might find at a luau.

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Swordfin - SSZ-001
Swordfish-type Zoid
Silver Sea alignment.
Crew: 1
+ Primary weapon - reinforced impaling armor
+ Secondary wapon(s) - embedded torpedo launchers

Though primarily built for underwater exploration and battle, the Swordfin can also coast through loose sand while on land...similar to the War Shark.

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I don't recall what storytelling element I might have been going for when I was working on this, but I do know I was experimenting with the mood of the music and watery/dull-hued effects.
Sad!Aaron breaks mah heart.

Music inspiration:

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Originally I just had the two blokes standing about, Aaron with that cheery little grin and Kyoso with his cynical side-gaze and I sighed and leaned back.

"Okay, you two. What are you lot going on about?"

One day I'll stop asking questions. One day.

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Imago: So you see, pal, sometimes we gotta burn bridges to make new paths accessible! Great lesson, huh?
Aaron: burning actual bridges!?
Imago: No one said not to.
Aaron: That's totally beside the point!!
Imago: Ehehehehe. Nope, there's nothing like a the smell of a toasting trans-aquatic passageway in the morning.
Aaron: ...please take me home now.
Imago: Already? But look at all the other bridges we can-
Imago: Just let me grab my s'more kit and we can go after that.
Aaron: -buries head in hands- Why did I think you took me here for anything other than weirdness!?

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Kyoso looks really, really weird with such long hair, doesn't he...?

Just some tentative plot stuff...I say this so casually in spite of one of my favorite OCs going
from inappropriately selfish heathen to FIERY CELESTIAL BEING OF JUSTICE. ou0;;;;

Still ironing stuff out, but this boi needs some redeeming and who knows, it might be good for him.
(If having such pure energy slowly burning him from the inside out doesn't kill him first...)

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Originally, it was Koujiro just lookin snarky and holding a whisk.

You know, this psycho:

Then I got this random urge to draw Mettaton and...whoops, did my hand slip. ouo; DO NOT WASTE FOOD AROUND KOU, PLEASE.

Cooking With a Killer Robot has been doubled!
Can the world really handle two chainsaw-wielding automatons with a passion for kitcheneering...?

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