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I gotta say I just found your webcomic yesterday and I’m absolutely hooked! Your story and characters are awesome and I’ll look forward to every update! Keep up the awesomeness!!

well yeah it's a dildo not a real dick. Have you ever seen a dildo?? They can have bumps like that ya know. It's for like added stimulation.
I understood that reference hehehe.
i'm seriously scared out of my pants right now. well done XD
ya done fucked up Tommy. ya done fucked up.
How can people now like this?! The way you drew it is really amazing!!
I feel like the baby dragon is asking it's mom if it can keep Ellis XD
I love Dake's face in the last panel XD
You guys are so cute and look so happy together!! Congrats!!
August 21st, 2012
Who's voice is "that" voice, Minty?
ehehehe this just strengthens my crush on him~
I'm starting to ship them now X3
I wonder who's body that belongs too XD
O.o Where are they.....?
That pillow is so lucky....
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay \(^v^)/
hey gin, could you um smile for us? please?
@JadeDrawerOnyx: Im thinking oh shit too lol
@Chikouu: Actually i would agree. They really are lol