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I'd tell you my name,but then I'd have to kill you...Nah,not really,it's just that no one can really pronounce/read my name if I'm not standing there telling them....(it's actually a common enough male name with a very weird spelling to make it more feminine.)

I live in sunny California,love to read novels,webcomics, and manga,watch anime,play the occasional video game,weird music(according to my family),umm what else....

I can be found under a similar name at
(Don't bother,I don't have much...)
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so this is how one becomes a "ghost", right?
July 13th, 2012
that...sounds like an...interesting...conversation Lani was having before Kasey showed up
Sorry, but, um, Sheran miraculously healed again....
seems the fondness for red hair runs in the family XD
so they both belong to Ferrah then XD
tough word
I think the word you're looking for is "anesthesia".
that is some freaky stuff flyin' around...
daaaaaawwwwwww, adorable happy end!
too little,too late,boy
hmmm, do Coren heal really fast or something? Sheran's blue cuts have disappeared in pretty much one minute
That starry hopeful face!...and then he goes and crushes her heart
@Dark Komet: it's another word for lesbian, used in a derogatory manner half the time
YES, the connection is made!!
that fourth panel makes me laugh
All of a sudden, French! Thank goodness for four years of classes, I understood all but the last word XD
that...that smile...he should not have such a thing after killing someone he was showing kindness and understanding toward...that's...that's just not right. It's scaring me...what could he be thinking?
if that's Karu's reply letter that's being written in that panel, then wouldn't her nice cursive and little x's over the i's give away that it's a girl writing?
@Guest: One does not have to be an artiste in order to critique their works, and besides that, it says right in the description that this is for a class project, not the deepest desire of her heart. Plus, it's presumably not just the art she's looking at, but character and backstory as well.

As for me, I'm looking forward to your future comics on this topic, alwayssmilesback
Eugh, not the best thing to start my morning. And no, this isn't about the sugar, although I do have a hard time bringing myself to eat most of the overly sugary brands now(I'm weird like that, suddenly unable to tolerate foods I loved a few months prior). When I drew this picture, I think I was still in the middle of a several month long phase where eating cereal in the morning made me a bit nauseous. It doesn't happen anymore now, but it's still not a good idea, because with cereal I get hungry sooner than I would if I had eaten toast or something, like I'll start getting hungry in third period and be starving through fourth (lunch is after fourth). So, yeah, not exactly a good arrangement. Lately I've been eating egg burritos or frozen waffles in morning instead.