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I am an antisocial internet slacker. Once I get around to redrawing the first two chapters, I will most likely start uploading Outside In (currently found on deviantArt) here. Or I could be a big fat liar, only using this site to try to solicit artists to join my manga magazine project.
Dramatic title page!

My whole life is running slightly behind schedule right now, so this is two days late. In theory, if I update next Thursday, the week after that I should be back to Wednesday updates? Right???
I, uh, forgot what day of the week it was.

Anyway, isn't it about time I featured this magical nerd on a cover page? Yeah, seems like he's going to stick around for a while. ;)

*note: I've decided to use this as my cover image for the comic for now. Because reasons.
@Riaya: Thank you! Yes, I am feeling better now. I'm trying to set regular update days for my other comic, but for now Outside In will resume weekly updates. (This week is just a cover page though...)
Hello, what's this? An update? Surely not???

Haha, sorry for the unexpected hiatus. I sort of lost my will to live for a little while, but now* I'm back. The ironic thing is that this is the last page of the chapter. Welp.

*I'm not permanently moving updates back to Tuesdays. I just promised myself I would get this page up by the end of February.
Heeeeeey, sorry for the unexpected little hiatus. I needed to recalibrate my brain.
I wasn't planning on posting a Halloween pic, and then I had to work a ten hour shift today, so.

All three of these nerds are dressed as in-universe things. Yes, there are cat people. And Lielri is dressed as a kind of demon. And Raaqiel... Raaqiel's costume is in very poor taste.
Sooooo, this page is a little late, but I seem to be coming to the end of the "unpredictable demands on my time" portion of the year. Fingers crossed.

Also! The BIG THING that I couldn't talk about a few weeks ago!
Officially licensed Girl Genius tea blends are now available in my Etsy shop:
Hey there. It's been a bazillion pages since we've seen you.
Sorry this is a day late, guys. Something Big is happening, but it's a little early to disclose details.
Hah! Awkwardly stumbling off of hiatus! Thank you all for bearing with me. 2016 has been... fast-paced.
The return of Raaqiel's imagination!
@troblsomtwins829: Hehe, yes, Raaqiel is most assuredly doomed.
@Riaya: BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Hey, it could happen. ;)
@Azure Shade: Thank you very much!
Welp, how about a 5-panel summary of Raaqiel's entire personality?

(No, I'm not moving updates to Thursday. I just had an appointment yesterday. Sorry for the lateness.)
Hey, I didn't expect to be away quite so long, but it seems I missed almost all of July. Haha, whoops? Between moving and my suddenly-completely-bananas work schedule, I can't really remember what happened, but here we are. Updating on a Friday. What?

Anyway, I hope to get back to "normal" in August.
No page this week, because I'm moving. And probably next week too, since I have an event this weekend and then I work 7 days in a row. Yuck. After that, I hope to get my life back on track pretty quickly. We shall see.

On a hilarious side note, I am moving to a town called Mt. Angel. Yes, really.
@Riaya: He's basically made of sass.
@Pantherbrine: thank you!
Due to the fact that it is my birthday, today's update will happen tomorrow.