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Dis account ish moved:
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    Sargeant Major Kululu (lolno)
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guys, read this
I moved accounts, and now I'm also making a remake of this comic called 'Mobius Tales' and shit like that.

New account:
Dis shit right here. Total. Win.
I honestly think this is better. But you might have to fix the shirt, shorts, and legs.
Those are some badass effects.
@Ryjora: U homophobic?'

@.:AuraX:.: NO. JUST NO. SCARXAURA ISH BETTAR. Plus, I'm a MuddyXMuddy and MuddyXCharchar person.
The hair looks sort of pillow shaded.
Don't forget to give credit to Sega.
Please enter this comic
This comic is in dire need of entries. So enter it, don't need to, but if you want to, then enter it.
Enter dis tournament and you'll get cookies!
Yey tournament comics.
Gonna need entries.
Enter your char and fave and stuff.
I smell ass-kickery.
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Ur jus being homophobic. :P
January 24th, 2013
I need to think about it...
But Emman's not thar. >:( Rawr.
Wow, this has to be the LONGEST flame war in SJ.