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I'm an aspiring artist, and i like to write stories as well. i got on dis site, cause my frein tol me too.
As i read more and more comics on here it makes me want to do one of my own..hmm, but what would i make it about?
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Not sur ehow i feel about her name, i may change it.
sorry I haven't updated in forever. I hope to continue with this though.
NO! Charlie! dont google it! just ask Sam to explain! He'd be embarrassed but at least he'd tell you!
and that why we dont google things like that at home. go to the library or something...
Dont worry, i like long hair too.

(sorry for not commenting in ages! I've been off in the world making sure i graduate!)
you know....i don't often cry when it comes to comics movies or books, or even real life for that matter...but can i say... i'm about to cry for shuno. and have before... T^T
goodness Sam...

(does that mean Sam likes dirty talk too~? heh heh....cause i do.)
Ah! i'm so glad its just a scheduling issue! i was worried about you!

heehee, and i hope Sam just says yes, instead of making Charlie ask him properly.
@BadBanana: *stares at hand for a moment* I will never wash my hand again!!!!

but yes. i would love to cuddle with that hot man...
@BadBanana: Lol, i can always cuddle to warm up ;P
"Furry Voyeur"
...Sorry Charlie... I didn't mean to interrupt T^T

(ah! good job getting a job! I need to get one... TT^TT)
I wouldn't mind waking up with Sam in my bed. Yeeeaaahhhh ~ XD

Well, as always you are amazing~
@morgang1994: XD Batman gave him the scars?
hmm. do we get to have a flashback of how he got the scars?
Shameless Kitty
I am feeling the same way as Loki
*perverted smile*
heehee.... yey <3

I really do hope you get that job, good luck! don't be nervous you'll do amazing!
Lol...charlie....please don't burn the house down with that cig...
February 4th, 2013
That is so cute, even if reece is secretly evil and blackmailing crazy man. I like it XD
@Almightyra: Awwww....yeah... its is pretty sad for poor little puppy wave. He cried a lot when he was little...
I'm making such a perv face right don't even know...
YUS. I am pleased!