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@Norgrath: Thanks. I guessed he is related to SWTOR, only Bioware game I don't play.
I can relate to that to an extend. For me hottest guy in Kirkwall happen to my brother... Well at least on looks. Tho his character wants you to spank him... which might prove fun for some guys out there. ^_^

By the way, Which game is that Chance character in?
Awww. David I could offer you a hug but you wouldn't like it anyway. Sorry you have to live thru this. Luckily you have a brother so you weren't all alone. Think it helped you to grown up as a better person. Maybe it is true, maybe not but I can do that at least as I can't change past.
August 5th, 2013
Your comic really brings many good points front. Did all those people gave up their "superior race" idea suddenly? Were they all mislead?

Anyway I watched first and second season of Teen Wolf. When you get into it, it is pretty good. However still Micheal J. Fox is my only teen wolf. :D Since the end of Smallvile I am not watching that much TV. Even managed to miss last two season of Merlin, my favorite TV Show... the BBC one.
July 12th, 2013
Pity sometimes somethings lead people to sunk in prejudice so deeply. Probably on those times for most American soldiers or probably for most of the world population all Germans were Nazis. :(

Hope you can solve your problems soon.

You know with each new page my belief this one would be a movie grows stronger.
Ha ha poor Brad. You should already know by now, David is best at what he does... just like Wolverine without claws. :P
Aaand the hero boy steps in. ^^

Don't worry too much about wrong upload. I think we'll survive a bit of teasing. ;)
June 27th, 2013
@Iru: Yeah in Istanbul where humidity makes hot weater more unbearable. :/
June 24th, 2013
Konstanze has a big heart. Each new page your characters grow and we recognize them more.

Don't worry, here in Turkey also weather is very hot so staying on the couch best thing to do. ^^
June 24th, 2013
This is war for you. Some people cling on their wounds and refuse to do what is right. The thing they don't see/want to understand is those who forgive and forget suffered same wounds as them. However instead of carrying on hate, they make a noble sacrifice of their loss, their pain for greather good, Peace. Hate is easy, hate keeps you warm, taking required steps for peace is hard. Hope God gives us that strength when it needed most.
Ha ha! Poor Brad.

What we do at work called being professional I guess. Just like you do here. You answer every little comment patiently and charmingly.

From what I saw so far in comics you are not that hard ass. In my memory files David is caring, gentle and smart guy who likes to help others. However he likes to be alone, doesn't want to let people into his comfort zone. Probably why he is more open in here on the net. No one can enter his domain to disturb his peace. With his past it is easy to understand. Every bad human contact build up and let person raise a defense mechanism for later encounters. Those walls soon became who you are. Fade glimpses of ever loving child shows itself here and there but that is all others can get.

Oh well, that is all you can get from me as far as over analyzing/babbling goes. ^^
You are totally a fun bunch. Maybe you should re-name the comic "Life never gets dull with David". :D

Like it or not everyone of you are role-models to people who are feeling alone because of their sexuality. So being okay with what you are, even making fun of the situation that freely inspire people. Thanks for making this comic... again.
You are very talented. Awesome picture. He also looks hot. ^^
Ha ha! Nice one. I love Konstanze's innocence while doing something slightly naughty.

Hope she won't look under the table... Poor Dan.
Hmm. Thanks for sharing that intimate story with us. We as humans, pretty interesting creatures. To be honest I also find semen a bit gross however when you are doing the deed with another man it is all about semen, right? So I am double weird I guess. LOL.
@Iru: No worries. I have trouble with aging thing while drawing characters. They at the same age...

I think problem is from his crossed brows and shades. Probably will look alright on coming pages.

After all it is really nit picking of me. Love your work so much. :D
I've been busy so couldn't read comics lately. However reading several pages in one go sure feels good.

One thing tho', aint that guy suppose to be 17? He looks even older than Dan... I hope Dan is not 15. >.<
That interrupt should be at the beginning. I barely played non-mages because of whiny nagging sister. Not that brother is better but at least he is easy on eyes. :/
@Amare: Heh after that post I started to play Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition and now she is in one of my teams.

Also found my favorite evil person in that game... Montaron. I love how he says "Ye goody goodies makes me sick" whenever I gain a good reputation point.

Oh also more related to your other picture, I fall in love with Rasaad's voice as soon as he started speaking... Yesterday I learned from Youtube that he is voiced by Mark Meer. Too bad he ain't the bi romance option instead of that "not so evil sounding" Neutral Evil Blackguard Half Orc, Dorn.
Congrats on new job.

You asked me about what I am learning from your comic... well, those yummy looking foods are one of those things.

Oh and lately showing up in a couples event with Brad ain't helping your cause. *evil grin*