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mk haiz x] my name is evaeh but you can, should XD, call me ayame. about me:

i despise winter/cold. i also hate james blunt. two of my fave words are phenomenonic/massacre.

food, yaoi, shounen-ai, anime, drawing, sleeping, pools, thinking up dirty yaoi things in my head then writing them down for memory XD, music <3<3<3

liars, george bush, doing stuff(ish a lazy bum), bugs, etc.
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    Evaeh Ayame
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January 26th, 2008
Well if they were sold at a Barnes and Nobles near me definetly. XD
Hmm but maybe if the art had a tad bit of improvement like clothing wrinkles in the right places, and some better toning, a bit improvement on the faces then it would be even better. =)
Just some crits in case you want it to be even better. =P
But yeah I guess if there were like a lot of pages(150-300 preferably) I'd definetly buy it. =)
Nahh it's great for a first timer. I love how this came out. It's should I put XD Awesome work. =]
O= i'm in one of those right now. and i can't draw anything anyway. my computer crashed, i have to use my mum's T_T
ooh i can't wait for more. lol all the text rhymes.
August 16th, 2007
omg i love this comic. it's very interesting and good art. =3 can't wait for more updates. =D
aww how cute. =3 lmao his swishey hair is so cool. XD can't wait for new updates. =]
aww brotherly love. =3 he's so supportive. =3
wow first time bo kissed ak and not the other way around. great manga love the art and love this couple -tears of joy-
aww i love akiko and koryu together, great manga and vurry nice art :D
so beautiful teh glory *0* of it -faints- teh art's nicer now and so is everything else. i love this manga so much :3
OH MAH GAWD XDD! -drools- xDD rofl teh real dentist arrived, uh oh!
March 8th, 2007
i love it :D!!! update soon. can't wait to see the next page. Ryo-O's XD
March 6th, 2007
O_O -twitch- omg he's soo much scarier when he's nice XD i have a bad feeling about this o:
March 4th, 2007
uwah! i love it :O you have amazing art and a nice story so far ^^
YAY -claps- :D love it~<3
yay marlin spoke >3< fweee~
well even though it's a filler, it's a nice one at that. XD i love his hair here xD update soon can't wait :3
so far i like this comic and the art :D homg he's sexay >3<